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Kamila Valieva


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Nov 12, 2011
How wonderful! It is a very pleasant reading.

It is strange that I got a feeling, like, I said to myself: I am really old now. Why do I feel this way? Well, I read this part when Kamila is asked about music:

After all, different music is always born inside. It depends on the mood, on the people around, on the pictures of nature before the eyes, on the feeling of joy, sadness, sadness or absolute happiness, on the silence outside the window, from the moon in the night sky, from a rainbow, from falling snowflakes or raindrops, from the aroma of coffee , from the smile of Eteri Georgievna, from the jokes of Daniil Markovich, from the voice of Sergei Viktorovich, from the applause of the audience, from the sinking of the heart before going to the start, from the creak of ice under the blade of the skate .... It is always different emotions and different music in the soul.

This girl feels, hears and sees music everywhere. Maybe all young girls do? I guess I've listened to more music pieces than Kamila, but I strongly prefer very specific genres and don't (want to) listen to other different types of music. I am not saying my taste is not good enough for me, everyone has different taste and no one is better than the other.

So happy for her!

By the way, I hope she will get a big sponsor soon.
That is quite a quote from a 14 year old! wow.

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Nov 19, 2020
That's funny, the same quote stuck out to me and I posted it in the RLT before looking here as I should have. I will now do penance by trying to say something else interesting about the interview.

I like Kamila's humility, but in two specific ways. First, she is humble by recognizing herself as part of a tradition: as soon as she found out she was skating Bolero she went and studied all the past performers who had done it before her. Second, she is humble while recognizing that she will grow as an artist. While she gives great credit to Eteri and Daniil for creating the programs, she recognizes that she could have this ability herself in the future: "I am not yet involved in the process of choosing music or a plot." [Geez, I hope that's actually in the Russian.]

A good mix of deference and confidence. Refreshing compared to the rest of the crazy kids these days! [Grumble, grumble.]


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Jan 1, 2021


Oct 14, 2020
Kamila's second performance in Kazan was awesome! 😍

A variation of Exogenesis with a new dress (long skirt) and a weird spin move going one way then another 🤩
Then she continued straight to Moris' Aladdin program

Earlier she did The Girl on the Ball.

Everything was clean