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Kana Muramoto & Daisuke Takahashi


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Mar 1, 2014
Link to KanaDai’s official team account (I think they should cross-reference from their individual accounts to make more people aware of it) with their video message from San Francisco:


With Massimo Scali and Brian Boitano at the Yerba Buena Ice Skating and Bowling Center in San Francisco:

While they were still in Japan Kana and Dai took personal samba lessons from Hyoen collaborator Tsubasa Miyoshi in preparation for their RD next season (a samba RD would be heaven! 🥰):

From tomorrow there’s going to be a week-long interview series with Dai-chan on NHK Okayama:


Short bilingual news feature with an excerpt from Dai’s NHK interview:


ETA am I the only one who thinks Dai looks much younger in the above AERA cover??? ;) boy, he's like a 20+yr old to me. @_@

Yes, they both look fantastic (could have done without the heavy airbrushing imo though ;))! I love the visual concept and especially dig Kana’s styling. She looks like a professional model here. 🤩

Tomorrow a behind-the-scenes feature of their AERA-photoshoot with well known photographer/artist and film director Mika Ninagawa will be published:


Btw. Dai interviewed Ninagawa for News Zero/Spotlight in 2016 and was once before photographed by her for AERA on his own in 2019.

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During the NHK Okayama daily interview Dai referred to creating an ice dance program as “raising a child”. He referred to Sena Miyake and said “I watch him as if I am like his parent. I’m simply delighted with his success.” He referred to Misato as a “comrade” rather than a rival as he’s known her for a long time.



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Jan 23, 2004
Do we know who is the choreographer for their RD and FD. Probably Marina??


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Mar 1, 2014
From their Official IG account, Kana and Dai have revealed that, while in San Francisco, they were working with Massimo Scali on a new EX number.

Good to see you here, ostile! Please post more often, if you like! :)


We’re spoiled with an abundance of news, articles and interviews atm! :bow:

  • First of all Kana and Dai are going to perform at Friends on Ice in August. While Dai has been a regular cast member since the first edition in 2006, it’s going to be Kana-chan’s debut on the show. (KanaDai were already scheduled to appear at FOI in 2020, but the show was cancelled due to the pandemic that year.)


Daisuke Takahashi: “I still love skating the best”
Kana Muramoto: “There is no better partner than Dai-chan”

2022/06/01 18:00

Author: Takeshi Sakaue

The ice dance pair of Kana Muramoto and Daisuke Takahashi appeared in AERA. Never before has the Japanese figure skating world been so passionate about ice dance. From the 6 June 2022 issue of AERA.

* * * * * * * * * *

2010 Vancouver Olympics. We covered the moment Daisuke Takahashi became the first Japanese male to win a bronze medal. Twelve years have passed since then. Between retirement and comeback, he is now a true ice dancer.

At the end of the interview, I jokingly asked him how long he plans to continue working. The answer was. “I'm going to retire the next time I stop ice dancing (laughs). But I want to stay active as a performer for the rest of my life. I will formally retire, but in terms of my feelings, I want to continue performing with the feeling/mindset of a competitor. So when I finish dancing, I will start practising jumping again. I want to be able to do both dancing and single skating."

Takahashi really loves skating. There are no boundaries of age or discipline. He easily exceeds our imagination. He knows no standards. That is what attracts so many fans.

Takahashi's partner, Kana Muramoto, has also returned to the world of ice dance after a gap of two seasons. She is a rare skater, and her determination to work with Takahashi is so impressive that it is hard not to fall in love with her.

She says: "I don't think there is anyone I enjoy skating with more than Dai-chan. There is no better partner than Dai-chan. Not only in skating, but also in humanity. I have decided that he is my last partner. Dai-chan, I'm sorry if I'm putting you under pressure (laughs)."

Takahashi says with a bashful smile: "Not at all. I'm a waste.” This kind of "Dai-chan" characterisation is clearly highlighted in the film [I assume this refers to the video delivery, in which they announced that they’re continuing?].

The two walk gently uphill in the dazzling sunshine. They will surely show us the view of greatness that can be seen from the top. As one and only performers.

  • Furthermore they were guests on the final episode of “Utako’s Room” (Utako Nagamitsu’s column/interview series on fujitv’s website). Dear kokomo kindly translated a few bits on twitter :thank::

  • Last but not least:

    After her split with Shingo Nishiyama, Ayumi Takanami is still looking for a new partner. In an interview published on 4years.asahi she conveyed her thoughts on ice dance and balancing training with studies. She also talked about Team KoKo and Kana and Daisuke (machine translation):

On the All-Japan stage with seniors whom I admire

All-Japan was the final selection round for the Beijing Olympic team, and she experienced first-hand the battle for the one slot in ice dance.

“Through the official practices and warm-ups, the attitude and atmosphere of preparation for the competition, I could feel how difficult it is to win one slot, and I think it was an experience that I can use in the future.”

In the competitions, they are rivals, but they are also friends who help to make the Japanese ice dance world a more exciting place. “Misato-san was in the same changing room with me, and she talked to me casually, which made me feel good about the competition. The appeal of Team KoKo (nickname of Misato and Takeru Komatsubara) is the sense of unity that comes from being together for so long. The free dance programme of 'SAYURI' is a well-crafted piece of work, and the narration came into my mind as if it resonated with me.”

Muramoto used to watch/help with their choreography before the World Junior Championships [when Ayumi was paired with Yoshimitsu Ikeda], and as both of them are fluent in English, they sometimes talk in English. “When we announced that we were splitting up this time, she contacted me straight away and encouraged me.” For Takahashi, she says: "I was happy to be on the podium with him. When we gathered before the awards ceremony I couldn't speak to him and I was more nervous than in the competition.”

"The core strength of the two dancers' bodies and their skills are astonishing. In the midline step of the rhythm dance, they were taking the level without blurring/shaking, even when they lifted their feet and leaned forward. Takahashi was also putting in a lift that was so complex/ complicated that I couldn't believe it was only his second year of ice dancing."
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Apr 27, 2011
Updates from KanaDai official Instagram
A day off in the beach
Kana working on RD music (filmed in May)

In KanaDai, she is the one who choses and even edits music. She picked a salsa song, which Dai approved, and is now looking for another song that is not salsa. Whether the salsa comes first or last depends on the other song. She looks for music thinking about elements layout trying to create a story.