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May 5, 2018
Cross-posting from Kazuki's Fan Fest, a translation of this article: https://nonno.hpplus.jp/article/105198/03/

Figure skater Kazuki Tomono's popular series of articles will be joined by guests for the first time!
The long-awaited guests are Sota Yamamoto, who has made the most appearances in the name section of the series, and Koshiro Shimada, who has been going shopping for clothes together and traveling around Ehime, and they are good friends!
In "Tomono no Mono Gatari. In vol. 3, we took a stroll in Jimbocho, and this time the three of us went to Asakusa to enjoy a brief holiday in Tokyo. While visiting the city's landmarks, they reflected on the current season.

Looking back on this season

It was a season in which everyone was pulled along by Sota-kun."
--The season will soon come to a close. What kind of season was it?

Tomono: It was a season that brought out both the good and the bad in each of us, right?

Shimada: Yes. Up to now, Sota and I have often made mistakes in every game. Just a couple of years ago, we were talking about how we still had to work harder.

Yamamoto: Yes. That's how we finally became able to do our best this season, when we wanted to do our best. I think that was a good thing.

Tomono: Even so, it was a raging "Yamamoto" season. From the first half, Sota's momentum was unstoppable. Everyone was saying, "Oh my God, Sota!

Shimada: It was a season in which everyone was pulled along by Sota-kun. The first time I was shocked was at the NHK Cup selection round. At that time, I was in good condition and returned to Japan full of confidence. ...... But when I came back to Japan to train with Sota, I realized that I wasn't good enough yet.

Tomono: Koshiro was really depressed. He said, "Sota-kun was great. ...... I had already seen him at the training camp, so I said, "Right? (laughs). At the senior training camp before the season started, I saw that one person's performance was so much better than the rest. That's when the switch came on for me, and I started talking about Sota on purpose. Because I felt that if I didn't pay more attention to him than necessary, he would leave me behind.

Shimada: At the beginning of the season, there was one person who was amazing. What scared me the most was that he seemed to be facing himself one-on-one all the time, without any regard for what was going on around him. It was like he was fighting only with himself. For someone like me, who looks around a lot, I thought that was really amazing.

Tomono: I felt like he was not even looked at. He set his own goals and was working hard toward them, and he seemed to be overflowing with confidence. Isn't that right?

Yamamoto: Until last season, I had a string of bad seasons, and since I became a senior, I had almost no results. I felt a big gap between myself and the top players, so it was fun to finally be back in a position to compete this season. Of course, there were times when I won and times when I lost, but I was very happy to be able to compete at the top. It was a season filled with such feelings.

The All-Japan Championships and the Road to the Championships

--The All-Japan Championships was the first time the three of us came together for the season's biggest event, the All-Japan Championships. What was the significance of this event for each of you?
Koshiro Shimada: "For the past year, I have been working so hard that I was willing to quit after the next All-Japan. I put everything I had into this All-Japan."

Shimada: In my case, I had a slightly special way of thinking about the All-Japan Championships.
I decided two years ago, right after the All-Japan, that I would give it my all, even if I had to quit after the following year's All-Japan. So I took some time off, and as soon as the new year started, I got a trainer and started working on my body.

I am not sure if everything went well from that point until the race day. I had to change my condition for each match according to the situation. It was a season in which I managed to adapt to different situations each time.

But only at All-Japan, I felt that my mind, technique, and body were perfectly aligned. Even before that, I had skated without mistakes in both Short and FS, and I was in my best shape for the whole season. I think luck was a factor, but I think it was the strength of my spirit, and the desire I had put into that competition, that helped me.

Sota Yamamoto: "I went into this season aiming for the podium in the GP series. All-Japan from the Finals was difficult, but I was able to accept all the results as due to my adjustments"

Yamamoto: In my case, I wanted to achieve results from the GP Series at the beginning of this season. That is why I had my sights set on the GP Series. Of course, I also placed importance on the All-Japan series.

As a result, I was able to get on the podium in both rounds for the first time, and it was a great thing for me to be able to make it to the finals as well. I had set a goal to get on the podium, but I had not really imagined to be in the Finals.

But it was the first time for me to get a result in the GP Series, and then the Final, and then All-Japan without much interval, it was difficult. It was a totally new experience for me.

I failed in All-Japan, but I could accept it all, because it was my adjustment to get here. I was not disappointed, it was just the result of my efforts. I realized that I still had work to do, and I was able to finish the match with a positive feeling.

Kazuki Tomono: My sights were set on the World Championships. So, the All-Japan podium is not a goal, but a beginning. This is the first time I have faced All-Japan with such a feeling.

Tomono: This may come as a surprise given my performance in the early part of the season, but from the moment last season ended, I already knew that I had no choice but to compete in the World Championships and win a medal next time.
So I had planned this season with my sights set on the World Championships. I worked hard all year for this goal.

Of course, I wanted to take revenge in the GP Series, and since Kusata was also competing, I wanted to take it one round at a time.
But looking at the results, I think I still lacked something. It is not that I was out of tune, but maybe I was not able to change my mind somewhere.

After the GP series, I have been thinking about All-Japan and the World Championships, which is my biggest goal, and I have been practicing hard. I had to use this one month to improve my level, to get a medal at All-Japan, and to definitely go to Worlds, since I couldn't compete in the Finals. I pushed myself very hard in practice.

The result was 3rd place, losing to Koshiro, but I had a great sense of accomplishment. But at the same time, my mind was already on the World Championships. It was not a goal, but a passing point. It was an All-Japan competition that I approached with a different feeling than usual.

"It's not about winning or losing, I want to fight on the basis of everyone performing well"

Tomono: Both of you were nodding your heads as you listened to me. I was really surprised to see the results because I didn't really see other people's practice. I didn't even know Koshiro was doing well. ......

Shimada: I was the second last skater in both Short and FS, so I didn't watch anyone's performance, I came only for myself, skated only for myself, and went home.

Until now, I had been so worried about others' scores, and every time I heard their scores, I was shaken by the emotions that came to my mind. But this time was different. Even though I could hear their scores, I was able to concentrate on my own performance. It was a new feeling for me.

--So your concentration led to the silver medal result this time, right?

Shimada: Yes. The coaches, trainers, and people around me (......) were very supportive and created an environment that allowed me to concentrate. It was the moment when all those puzzle pieces clicked into place.

Tomono: I wanted to make my 2nd jump absolutely succeed, but it ended in failure, that was so frustrating. After the Free skate, I was stunned, thinking "3rd place is not enough, 2nd place is not enough to qualify for the Worlds," as I was thinking. When I was being interviewed with that feeling, I couldn't hear the cheers of Sota's performance at all, and I was getting more and more anxious. ......

YAMAMOTO (laughs)

Tomono: At that time, I was really impatient, saying, "Oh, wait, wait. I knew that Koshiro was a good performer, but anyway, I was in a daze for a long time. ...... But I always wanted to have a match where I could show what I had worked hard for, and I knew that Koshiro had been struggling. In the end, I lost because of my feelings, and I felt that the ranking was based on the feelings I had put into it. So I was disappointed that Koshiro came in second and I came in third, but I was also happy. But as for Sota, I was frustrated too (laughs).

Shimada: It was frustrating to lose, but I was more motivated by the desire to compete after everyone had performed well.

Yamamoto: Me and Koshiro went to the Warsaw Cup a year and a half ago, during the Olympic season. At that time, he had more stable quad than me, and jumped more easily. He had done well in the short program, and it was just the free skate. It was so close then, so I was happy to see Koshiro's clean and smooth 4T at this All-Japan, finally in the competition. I was so happy, because Koshiro is a talented skater.

SHIMADA (with a big smile)

--It is interesting to note that all three of us had different sights set on this season, but all of us experienced a new feeling at this All-Japan Championships. By the way, did the three of you talk like this in the sauna you went to after the championship?

Yamamoto: No, we did not. We just said, "The sauna feels good, the food tastes good ......" (laughs).

Tomono: We don't get too emotional. We don't say, "Yes, everyone did a great job today! Let's work hard again! That's about it. We don't hear each other's feelings until we have an opportunity like this, don't we?

Shimada: Yes. It is a competition, but in the end it is about whether you did well or not, so it doesn't really matter if you beat your opponent or lost. If you give a good performance and lose, it's just frustrating! That's all.

Yamamoto: We have a relationship where we can casually say this kind of thing. I want to continue to work hard with everyone.
This competition made me feel strongly that I want to continue to work hard with everyone.

The rest of the 2022-23 season review talk will continue in vol. 18!
The love and respect for each other never stops, and the three of us will continue to look back on the season!
Please look forward to the next installment!


May 5, 2018
Wait, did he really say he thought about quitting competitive skating?
I think he meant more like he would give his all even that if meant he would quit afterwards, like he was willing to push himself to the limit physically and mentally so he would achieve this goal.


Record Breaker
Jul 8, 2022
I think he meant more like he would give his all even that if meant he would quit afterwards, like he was willing to push himself to the limit physically and mentally so he would achieve this goal.
Ah okay so more like "live every day like it was your last" meaning to enjoy and fully live in the moment?


May 5, 2018
Ah okay so more like "live every day like it was your last" meaning to enjoy and fully live in the moment?
Hmmm I see it more like: 'do what it takes regardless of the consequences'. Like he was so determined to do well that he could potentially end up burnt out physically and mentally afterwards. But thankfully it didn't seem like this happened!


May 5, 2018
The second non-no article with Koshiro, Sota and Kazuki has been published: https://nonno.hpplus.jp/article/105966

Here's the DeepL translation:

Reflections on the ISU Championships

"A season in which I grew a lot as a person."

--After the Japan Championships, you competed in the ISU Championships, the Four Continents Championships, and the World Championships, respectively.

Shimada: I ran out of energy at the All-Japan Championships. My goal was not to compete in the Four Continents Championships, but to win a medal. I had to imagine the road beyond that.
In the last two or three seasons, due to the pandemic, I had only been able to compete in about two games each season, so my lack of experience came out.
But when I think about it, I was allowed to compete in seven games this year, and I was more than happy about that. I think I have grown a lot as a person and as a skater this season.

"The World Championships in Japan was extremely special."

--I think the venue was at a high altitude, which made the adjustment even more difficult than usual. Afterwards, you were at the World Championships where you both competed, weren't you?

Shimada: Yes, they were really cool at the World Championships.

Yamamoto: I made a mistake, though.

Tomono: No, I saw the free skate, and it was really good.

Shimada: I couldn't make it to the short program, so I watched it at the airport in Switzerland, but from the 6-minute practice, I wondered if Sota-kun would be OK .......

(Everyone laughed)

Tomono: No doubt, there was nothing but anxiety in those six minutes (laughs).

Shimada: "Sota-kun, aren't you a bit timid? I was worried. The practice before that was really good.

Tomono: Yeah, that's why I was even more scared.

--If practice is good, are you afraid of the actual performance?

Tomono: I was the same way at that time. No matter how well I was doing in practice, when I entered the venue and was confronted by the loud cheers, my concentration was broken with a "pop" and I was instantly swallowed up by the atmosphere of the venue and my mind was in turmoil.

It was my third World Championships, but it was a feeling I had never felt before.
But I was surprised because I thought Sota would be fine, and after 6 minutes of practice, I was worried, "Oh, man, he's in trouble."

Shimada: Because I knew Sota when he was strong, I saw that expression on his face. ......

Tomono: I still thought I could do it.

Shimada: I was praying that he wouldn't just punk out ....... It was cool to see him fighting to the end with the proper closure. I almost cried when I saw Sota-kun fighting through to the end.

Tomono: I was able to keep my mistakes to that level because I was doing well in practice. I was able to hold my own without falling down. With today's rules, it is possible to lose some points, but it was a nice fight. Anyway, the venue was too difficult.

Yamamoto: My practice was not bad in the official practice before the day of the competition, but I started making mistakes in the morning practice on the day of the short competition. Then, when the competition started and I entered the venue packed with spectators, I realized for the first time, "Oh, this is the World Championships," I thought. And that was the result of that Short program.

Tomono: I understand.

Yamamoto: The atmosphere at the Worlds was special. After the competition, I thought, "I should have done that, or I should have done that," but I should have realized what I should have done at the preparation stage. I wondered if I was going in the wrong direction, or if there was a better way. But that performance was everything for me.

Shimada No, when I see Sota in his everyday life, I see .......

Tomono: I don't think that's all of Sota. No matter how well he does in practice, if he has any problems in the performance, they will show up in his performance.

Shimada: In the off-season, you can make any number of mistakes, but in competitions, success is taken for granted, so failure becomes special. Once you make a mistake, you are so focused on it that you can't replace your past successes with positives. ...... That's why one mistake is dragged out throughout the season, I think.

Tomono: That day's crash, that day's flat tire.

Yamamoto: Yes, that may have been true. It's important to be nervous, but it wasn't a good nervousness. ...... But I think it was a great experience for me to be able to experience that atmosphere this season. It was my first time to experience that Saitama Super Arena at the World Championships. I would like to use it as a confidence booster for the future.

"I told myself that I would be the strongest at the World Championships"
Tomono: I was in scary shape in practice and had a lot of confidence. I thought I had been telling myself "I am the strongest in the Worlds" with my past successful experiences as my strength, and had been working with full throttle of mysterious confidence.
But in reality, I made a mistake on the second jump, which I had been working on, and that was all that mattered.
The good thing is, I was able to control myself for the competition, not to rely on the adrenaline of the moment, but to let the results of my practice come out. I think I could skate with confidence in the end, even though I skipped some choreographies in the middle of the competition.
I missed medals in both Short and FS, because of two jumps I missed, but I think my score will go up and up, and we will enter the era of 300 points again. I hope I can continue to have fun and enjoy myself, with high expectations for myself, because I was able to show my potential to reach the podium if I do not make mistakes.
That is the best. I don't want to suffer in skating.

Yamamoto: That sounds like Kazuki.

Tomono: The World Championships in Japan was really terrible from my point of view, the best and worst atmosphere (laughs). The air was so tense and the tension was unbelievable, as if everyone was pointing a gun at you, even though you were cheering for them.
But once the performance is over, all of that becomes your own and it's the best moment of your life. I was so happy to see the cheering banner, and I felt like I had to burn that scene into my eyes, so many special things were packed into this competition, even though it was my third time.

Shimada: All the skaters on that rink were so cool. First of all, just to be on that stage is an amazing thing.
I have skated at Saitama Super Arena during All-Japan, too, but I wonder if I would have skated there myself. I wonder if I would have skated in such a place.
It was even more special at the Worlds, and of course, the Men's Single and all the other categories were amazing, and I was so emotional all the time.
As a skating fan, I cheered loudly for them, and admired the way they fought. I was so inspired, and I wanted to be on that stage again.

The indicator of good acting is a LINE message from Shimada-san!
--it's a wonderful relationship. Did you actually tell the two of them what you thought of the show at the venue?

Tomono Yes, I received a thankful LINE message from Koshiro.

Shimada: Oh, I decided to tell Sota-kun directly at Stars on Ice for sure, so I only told Kazuki.

Tomono: I contacted him myself, saying "praise, praise~" (laughs).

Yamamoto: I came to you when I got over 100 points for the first time at the UNIVA (ISU Winter World University Games 2023) in the short.

Shimada: I was waiting for that moment.

Tomono: I would send him a LINE when I was in trouble too. Koshiro is pretty strict, so I have the image that he only sends me a message when I give a really good performance. That's why I'm so happy when I get a message. I was like, "Oh, I did well today.

Shimada: Hmmm. I'll send you a message even when you're not so good if you're really cool.

Tomono (looking happy)

For next season
Koshiro Shimada
I have had the opportunity to compete in many competitions this season, and I have grown as a person and as a skater. I sometimes struggled with how to adjust for each competition, but it was all good experiences. I will continue to work hard next season to achieve my ideal skating.

Sota Yamamoto
This season, I had a lot of matches and it was a little difficult to adjust. However, I believe that top players experience such things and become stronger through them. I know it can be difficult at times, but I want to focus on the games in front of me first.
I hope to sort out what I gained from the season and compete with everyone at a higher level next season.

Kazuki Tomono
I didn't win a medal at the Worlds, but I have gained the ability to make adjustments, and I was able to show my potential this season. I have learned that the way to become a true top skater is to achieve consistent results throughout the season, so I would like to strengthen my consistency so that I don't make everyone nervous anymore.

What mutual programs would you like to try?
Sota's Program

Shimada: Sota's program is something only he can do. It's because of his graceful skating.

Tomono: I understand. I'm "Poeta".

Shimada: I was going to say that too. Poeta" left too strong an impression on me.

Tomono: I also like "Anthem" too much, and "Jekyll & Hyde" was cool too. I also have a desire to wear Sota's costume. There are so many costumes that have the overwhelming sense of a champion, and I would wear something like "Ka, I can't win ......". I tend to wear "gold medal costumes" that go well with gold medals. Also, "Lorelei" is good, isn't it? (starts singing)

Shimada: "Thunderbirds" is also good.

Tomono: Indeed! I could do "Thunderbirds" too! (starts singing again)

Koshiro's Program

Yamamoto: I want to play "Adios". Koshiro is good with Benjamin Clementine, like "Nemesis".

Tomono: Yes, yes. I think I would like "Smile" from Chaplin.

Yamamoto: Ah, Kazuki fits.

Tomono: My taste and Koshiro's tend to overlap. But lately I've been going for a cooler taste. People may think we fit in with happy programs, but I don't think so.

Shimada: You always tell me that, don't you?

Tomono: I really like Koshiro's programs that are a bit dark and serious, such as "Adios" and "Romeo + Juliet".
That's why I really enjoyed "Come What May" this time. I think Koshiro really excels in artistic aspects, inheriting Stéphane's (Coach Ranvier) skating. His skating makes me feel good. In other words, it's the kind of skating that can be displayed in a museum.

Kazuki's Program

Shimada: I don't want to play Kazuki's program because his own color remains strong in it (laughs). I love "La La Land" and "An American in Paris," but I think many people already think of Kazuki when they hear this song. I also really like "West Side Story".

Tomono: "An American in Paris" is often mentioned.

Yamamoto: We are the exact opposite of the type of skaters, aren't we?

Tomono: The tiger and the dragon.

Yamamoto: That's why I thought about it, but it's still difficult. I like watching Kazuki skate in "West Side Story."

Tomono: "West Side Story," which you both mentioned, is my favorite, too. I like not only the program, but also my skating at that time.

Shimada Still, it's amazing how everyone keeps coming up with the names of old programs one after another.

Tomono: It's partly because we are good friends, but it's also because we are two skaters who I watch together as one skater at the shows. When I watch Koshiro's skating, I really feel frustrated every time. It's the kind of skating that makes me jealous.
Sota's "Poeta" at Stars on Ice was also amazing. Just watching his crosses in practice, I'm in awe of him. ...... I think they are really cool skaters, don't you? (I'm getting more and more embarrassed even as I say it myself.)

Yamamoto/Shimada: It feels good to be praised!

Tomono: Hmmm. It made me realize that I should aim to skate in such a way that people think so too.

Shimada: Good luck with that.

Tomono: What is this guy~~ (laughs)!


May 5, 2018
Non-no released the third part of the Kazuki, Koshiro and Sota talk. This time they talk about their bonds and friendship 🥺❤️

Here's the DeepL translation:

Sota ▷▷ Kazuki

"Whenever I need to talk to someone about my problems, it's always with Kazuki. He is the one who always gives me the right advice, and I don't mind spending time in silence with him."

Yamamoto: I first met Kazuki when I was in the second grade of elementary school. I remember we first met at practice in Osaka (Osaka Prefectural Rinkai Sports Center). Kazuki was the type to play with his older brothers, and I was the type to like people my own age or younger, so we were still in different groups at that time.
We became friends after I moved to Nagoya. When we became juniors, we started seeing each other at more and more matches, so naturally we started hanging out together.

Tomono: We had a mysterious friendship when we were in Osaka. When I moved to Nagoya, I was the last one to see Sota off. We sat in the parking lot of Rinkai and talked for the last time.

Yamamoto Wow, that brings back memories!

Tomono: Looking back, I happened to be around Sota whenever something happened to him. When he moved to Nagoya, or when he got injured.

Yamamoto: That's right. That's why I always chose Kazuki as my first choice when I needed advice.

Tomono: When he changed coaches, he would ask me, "What should I do? I don't know. I don't know, you have to decide by yourself (laughs).

Yamamoto: When I am in serious trouble, I always consult with Kazuki. He always gives me the right advice, and even on a daily basis, Kazuki is definitely the one I keep in touch with the most.

Tomono: (shyly) Is that so? I am more than happy to hear that.

--I think it's great that you were always there for him at the turning point.

Yamamoto: It was big. Kazuki is the type of person who is liked by everyone, and I am one of those people.

Tomono: I feel at home when Sota listens to my rambling conversations. It's OK with me even if we are not having a conversation.

Yamamoto: It's not hard for me to be quiet with Kazuki.

Shimada That's an ideal relationship.

Yamamoto: This is really a corner where Kazuki feels comfortable (laughs).

Tomono: We played almost all the same games this season, and we went to the World Championships together, so we have a mysterious connection.

Koshiro ▷▷ Kazuki

"There are only a limited number of people I laugh with. I laugh a lot because it's fun, and I'm with them because it's fun."

Shimada: We first met when we were in the upper grades of elementary school together at a charity show. I was playing with kendama and he talked to me in a very friendly way. From that time on, Kazuki was always at the center of everyone's attention.

Tomono: I was the first one to get involved, but it was Koshiro who quickly closed the distance between us. He said, "Kazuki, can you do this? and he started a skating duel with me even though we had never met before (laughs). I liked him a lot because he was elegant yet charming.

Shimada: Ha ha ha. We found each other to be a lot of fun to hang out with, but we didn't get together at any of the games.

Tomono: That's right. But when Sota was out due to injury, the two of us worked together to push the Japanese men's team forward.

Shimada: During that period, we went to Univa (Universal Studios Japan) together and got to know each other better, and we even competed in the World Junior Championships together. Kazuki and I would laugh together all the time, and it was really fun.

Tomono: Koshiro always makes me laugh, even at the most trivial things. It's because he's geriatric (laughs).

Shimada: Is that so?

Yamamoto: Things have calmed down a bit recently (laughs).

Shimada Really? I wasn't aware of that. But there are only a few people I laugh with. I laugh a lot because it's fun, and I'm with you two because it's fun.

Tomono: We spend more time together in our private time. Whenever Koshiro is in Japan, I find time to visit him. I have fond memories of going to Ehime, Koshiro's hometown.

Shimada: Hey, Sota hasn't been to Ehime yet.

Yamamoto: Kazuki is light-footed, but I'm heavy, so I can't move unless Kazuki pulls me along.

Shimada I want to meet you both! I want to meet you both so much!

Tomono: I feel like Koshiro is playing with me. I don't care about him, and I'm amazed that he doesn't get offended when I say something cheeky. I can feel that he respects me even behind his cocky words.

Shimada: (smiling)

Yamamoto: Oh, now Koshiro is getting comfortable (laughs).

Shimada: This is going to be a Shimada series (laughs). Kazuki is very good at praising others and always does so. It's one of his talents, and that's a good thing.

Tomono: That's not true. I just try to tell people I like them.

Shimada: That's why people naturally come to you.

Tomono: I hope that by doing so, they will come to me. If I suddenly get involved, I may confuse them by saying, "What?" I have to be careful these days.

Shimada: And the one who didn't get the "What?" We are the two people who didn't go "What?"

Tomono You should be thankful. Our sense of fit is quite good.


Tomono: But from my point of view, Sota and Koshiro seem much closer.

Yamamoto: That's because I'm attached to Koshiro.

Shimada: I was with Sota for about two weeks at the Youth Olympic Games, so that was a big deal.

--What is it like when the three of you get together?

Yamamoto: Kazuki usually finds out where the restaurant is and takes me there. I tend to say, "I like this place, let's go in" when I am out for a walk, but Kazuki is the type of person who plans ahead.

Shimada: If I am asked to find a restaurant, I will do my best!

Tomono: In most cases, Koshiro and I will say, "Here's a place like this," or "Here's another place like this," and then we will go to the restaurant that wins.

Yamamoto: And I just follow along, thinking, "Oh my God, this is always so hard!"

Shimada: All the three of us have to do is just be together. We don't have to do anything.

Yamamoto: We became even closer this time at Stars on Ice. The three of us were always cuddling in the hotel room.

Tomono: I was so tired I went crazy.

Yamamoto: I was so tired that I got the bug, and I said, "I'm so happy," and we would cling to each other and hug.

Tomono: At first I was just going along with the flow, but then someone said, "The warmth of people makes me feel at home. I thought, "Of course not," so I tried hugging him, and he said, "Really, it's so calming". I realized that hugs are calming.

Shimada: One hug a day.

Yamamoto: When Kazuki wasn't around, we hugged together, and when I thought about it calmly, I wondered why we were hugging all the time (laughs).

Tomono: I wonder how close we are (laughs). That's how much fun we had, and I'll be sad when it's over.

Shimada/Yamamoto: I will be sad. ......

-Have you been together that long and never had a fight?

Tomono: Word Wolf! The only thing is that when we do this, we start to lose our temper. Koshiro mounts me quite a bit.
A game like werewolf in which everyone chats about a certain topic, and the game is to find out who is given a different topic from everyone else in the conversation.

* Tomono-san is extremely bad at this game because he easily shows his face, and just hearing the word "word wolf" shuts him up, so he uses it when Kazuki is annoying (laughs) (by Yamamoto-san).

Yamamoto: Koshiro is good at getting around in the game. He usually says what he is thinking without hesitation, so there are no fights.

Tomono: And then there is the pattern where I don't listen and Koshiro gets cranky (laughs).

Shimada: (laughs)

--(They look at Mr. Tomono with a smirk.) (Mr. Tomono looks at the two of them with a smirk.)

Tomono, is that so? (Seeing their reaction)

Tomono: Oh, I see (laughs). It's like Koshiro is the big brother and me and Sota follow him around saying, "Koshiro!

Shimada: But when the time comes, it's Kazuki who takes the lead.

Tomono Oh, I don't know if that's true. ......

Shimada Well, it depends on the occasion. ...... But it's not Sota-kun! (laughs)

Tomono: (laughs)

Shimada: Sometimes I worry about Sota's personal life. I can't leave him alone, so everyone falls in love with him. I just want to take care of him.

Tomono: Adorable.

Shimada: Cute.

Tomono: He's ...... just eating rice.

Shimada: Just the fact that Sota-kun has his mouth full and is munching is cute.

-If you had to name a trio after three such good friends, what would it be?

Shimada: All three of us are too egocentric.

Tomono: I'd rather wonder why we are all together. So I guess we should be called "Team Why are we together?

Yamamoto: (laughs)

Tomono: Everyone is different, so we are all very interested in each other. I think, "This guy is interesting. Even though we have been together for many years, I still discover new things. Especially Koshiro, the more I get involved with him, the more interesting he becomes. He went from being completely seamless to gradually revealing himself to me. ...... (laughs). The moment I see his human side, I am happy.

Shimada: He's getting less and less caring (laughs).

Tomono: Sota may look innocent, but he's actually quite solid, and that makes me fall in love with him. He is calm and reliable when the situation calls for it. When he is with us, he has no sense of caution.

Shimada: Kazuki looks like this, but he is surprisingly nervous, particular and proud, and doesn't listen to ...... (laughs).

Tomono: There are times when I stubbornly refuse to listen to information I don't want to hear. Even if I pretend to be listening, they will know. But there are many times when Koshiro doesn't listen either, and we both wonder how we can listen properly. Sota is so good at saying "Hon-hon" that I can't tell whether he is listening or not (laughs).

Yamamoto: Kazuki seems not to be thinking, but he is thinking. He is good at taking a natural leadership role rather than forcing it. I can see the difference between having Kazuki and not having Kazuki. ......

Shimada: Not at all.

Yamamoto He is our mood maker.

Shimada: There is no doubt that the current unity of the Japanese men's team is due to Kazuki.

(Tomono-san whistling in embarrassment)

Tomono, thank you! Let's keep working hard together, the three of us!


May 5, 2018
Kazuki Tomono's serialization of "#Tomono's Monogatari. vol.20 "To Asakusa with Sota Yamamoto and Koshiro Shimada! Spilling the beans on the main story"

DeepL translation of this article: https://nonno.hpplus.jp/article/106223/05/

Do you have any episodes from Stars on Ice?

Tomono: We ate a lot of delicious food in various places! In Osaka, the three of us went to a teppanyaki restaurant as a party to say thank you for a year of hard work. We saved up the coupons we received at the hotel and went to a very nice restaurant on the upper floor.

Shimada: It was delicious! We also went out for ramen afterwards. I think we always had ramen after dinner during the tour.

Tomono The hospitality at the ryokan in Oshu was amazing. They served crab, and there was a hot spring, which was great.

Yamamoto: During the tour, it was just the three of us, but in Oshu, we had dinner with Kaori (Miura) and the others.

Shimada: We also became friends with (Ilia) Malinin, and the five of us went to a hot spring together. This was Malinin's debut in a hot spring, wasn't it?

Yamamoto: Yes, he was not used to it, so he was the only one in a bathing suit. I guess it was too much stimulation for him, but he suddenly started to feel embarrassed (laughs). (laughs) Malinin is a very friendly type of person.

Shimada: I think this show brought Malinin and I closer (laughs). Those were fun days.

Today's shoot is at a long-established Western-style restaurant in Asakusa!
What are your most memorable tasting experiences?

Kazuki Tomono
When I was a child, I was often taken by car to chain restaurants, so it wasn't until I became an adult that I really started going to restaurants like this.
So, when I think of a memorable flavor, it would be something like "Kappa Sushi" or "Bikkuri Donkey.
Recently, however, I've become addicted to going alone to local restaurants that have been loved for a long time, and today's restaurant is right up my street. The gingham-check tablecloths and tasteful menu...... give the restaurant a very nice atmosphere, and the Neapolitan and the famous beef stew were both very tasty with a lot of ingredients.

Sota Yamamoto
I remember a coffee shop that my mother used to take me to when I was a child. I don't know if it still exists, but it was in Kishiwada and was called "PM". I used to eat prawn pilaf with fried prawns on top there, and the lunch plates were very unique and delicious. I am based in Nagoya now, so I haven't been able to go there recently, but sometimes I have an irresistible craving for it.

Koshiro Shimada
Like Sota, I also have a memory of a coffee shop menu that comes to mind.
When I was training in my hometown Ehime, I used to go to a place called "Razaaru" on my way home from practice and I loved their pizza toast. I remember it was a cheap lunch and very tasty.
In fact, when I was a child, I was very picky about what I liked and disliked, so much so that I couldn't even eat ketchup. So I couldn't even eat Neapolitan in the past, but as I grew up, I became able to eat anything. Both the Neapolitan and beef stew I had today were delicious, and I was so impressed that I would like to know the recipe.

What is your specialty?

Shimada-san, you cook for yourself in Switzerland,
Tomono-san, what is your cooking situation?

Yamamoto: I like pizza toast too. All I had to do was put green peppers and sausage on bread, top with lots of cheese, and toast it in the toaster! It was perfect for a luxurious breakfast. But I can't make something as authentic as Koshiro's.

Shimada: No, no, no, I only cook easy dishes. What I often make is chicken ham. I put the chicken in a storage bag, add salt and pepper, a little bit of garlic, olive oil, and chicken broth or consommé. It is easy and recommended to let it sit for about 30 minutes to finish.

Tomono: I used to make fried rice like crazy for a while. The key is to use a variety of seasonings evenly. I also make mixed pork and kimchee.

Yamamoto: I was addicted to fried rice too.

Tomono: Every boy longs for fried rice at some point in his life.

Yamamoto: I also like miso katsu, so I sometimes deep-fry pork cutlets and make them myself.

Shimada: That's a good idea. I also make menchikatsu. It's a bit difficult because we don't have nutmeg in Switzerland.

Tomono: Deep-fried food! Everyone's level is too high. Tomono Kazuki, I basically leave it to my mother (laughs).

What does an amusement park mean to the three of you?

Tomono: "Univa!" (Universal Studios)

Yamamoto: "Univa" because I lived in Osaka when I was little! I used to buy an annual pass with the other members of the rink team and we would often go there.

Tomono: Sota knew "Univa" very well, didn't he?

Yamamoto: I live in Nagoya now, so when I think of amusement parks, I think of "Nagashima Spa Land," which is just a short drive from Nagoya. It is my favorite place with outlets and swimming pools in addition to the amusement park!

Shimada: Ehime is my hometown, so when I was little I used to play in the athletic facilities of a theme park called "Ehime Children's Castle. I also liked to go camping with my family and relatives at "Miroku no Sato" in Hiroshima, and then stop by "Gold Tower" in Kagawa on the way home. It brings back so many memories.

Tomono I understand. I like the "sato-kei" style.

Yamamoto: I like "Nabana-no-sato" and so on.

Shimada: And overseas, there is Canada's Wonderland in Toronto, which is famous for its roller coasters, and Europa Park in Germany!

Tomono: Overseas is amazing, isn't it? I have been to the first "Disneyland" in the world, Disneyland in Anaheim, California!

Shimada: If I had to say it, any place would be fun for the three of us, but we don't get a chance to go to amusement parks very often these days, so today was a lot of fun.

Yamamoto: I was really looking forward to today's shoot. Kazuki and I went to Disney together in the past, but the three of us had never been together before.

Shimada: I feel like we have been together for a long time, but it was after All-Japan that the three of us started to hang out together more often.

Tomono: Until then, we were in different categories and had periods of injury. I am glad that the time has finally come for the three of us to play together!

Shimada: I want to go to the amusement park again.

Yamamoto: With the three of us, even waiting in line is fun. We can just play "word wolf" while we wait (laughs). (Laughs) *See vol. 19.

Tomono: ....... (suddenly goes silent)

(Everyone bursts into laughter)

Tomono: At my age, when I have fun, it tends to be over dinner, so I want to have active fun in the future!

Shimada: We are still young. I've been in Switzerland all my life, so I've always wanted to do something like this.

Tomono For now, we should get together in Ehime! I'll give you a ride if you come to Osaka!

Yamamoto: Kazuki, pick me up in Nagoya!

Shimada: I want to go to Okazaki (in Aichi) to eat ramen! Let's go play at our respective homes when we are off duty!


Record Breaker
Jul 8, 2022
On Koshiro’s (..) preparation: “We made a big step in the last few weeks. With Koshiro we had a little bit more time because he didn’t compete at Worlds, so the new program is a little bit ahead. He was able to skate a part of this program during the shows in April, so I can feel already the character is growing. And we have made some adjustments during this camp such as the choreo sequence and I really love the dark character that he’s interpreting in that piece. ”