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Maxim Kovtun


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Jan 5, 2019
"Pupils of Tutberidze - the future of men's figure skating." Maxim Kovtun about his career, tattoos and travel

Maxim Kovtun, who finished his sports career in the spring, remains a sought-after specialist in the world of figure skating. He trains children, performs in ice shows, tries himself in the role of presenter and commentator. Kovtun told Nevasport about his admiration for the pupils of the Tutberidze group, the significance of his tattoos and the love for the fights of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Q: At the start of the new season in figure skating, are you sorry that you are already on this side of the boarding, and not on the ice? Not drawn to return to the ice and to the big starts?
A: I would be drawn if the decision to my the career was a rash and spontaneous step, but taking into account all aspects at that time and in general, this decision was the only right one. I am now incredibly happy: I have a lot of opportunities, a bunch of open doors, I am fully involved in life, so even such thoughts do not slip through.

Q: How do you assess the prospects of the Russian singles at the global level? Who are you following?
A: I’ll be happy to single out two people, but, unfortunately, they are still very young: these are Daniil Samsonov and Nikolay Kolesnikov from the Tutberidze group. These are hardworking and talented boys who are very fond of our sport. For such, re-educated athletes - the future of Russian single men's figure skating. I follow them very much.

Q: Who do you see as the leader of the Russian men's team?
A: I follow all the guys. In fact, now each of the top ten can become Champion of Russia, all are at about the same level. I liked Kolyada's free program - Chaplin. The performance was very memorable, all due to Misha. Sergei Voronov, in my opinion, opened a second wind. I really hope that he realizes his ambitions, dreams, maybe this season. I want him to succeed.

Q: Will Russian single skaters be able to dominate the international arena, given that Rika Kihira learned the quad and Elisabet Tursynbayeva, the first in the history to jump the quad Sal'khov in competitions last season?
A: On the one hand, it’s great - female figure skating is developing rapidly. On the other hand, of course, it will be more difficult for our girls. Chuyka doesn’t let me down very often in terms of results in figure skating: we don’t need to worry about women's skating today. We have a very large and strong army.

Q: Would you like to take part in the sports life of the country? Become an Olympic ambassador? Would you try yourself in politics?
A: I don’t really make promises for the future, who knows what will happen? I’m not afraid to try something new in my life and will be happy to consider any options.

Q: Now you train children. How do you work with kids? Is it harder to work as a mentor or skate yourself?
A: These are different things that do not need to be compared. Someone is aching, which is insanely difficult. Personally, I like it. As they say, if a person is engaged in a favorite business that generates income - he does not work a day. Now I do only what I love: performances, master classes, shows, various trainings with children, and there are no difficulties with anything.

Q: In which ice shows do you participate?
A: Now I work in Tatyana Navka’s team, the next performances are Ruslan and Lyudmila in St Peterburg and Moscow and 'The Scarlet Flower'.

Q: Have you already been to the jury of the TV show, would you like to lead, for example, Ice Age? Yelena Radionova has stopped performing and now often comments on competitions, are you also planning to act as a commentator this season?
A: I have already been a commentator on competitions many times. I worked for Perviy Kanal and for Match TV. The audience likes it, and so do I. I follow figure skating, I know some personal details about the skaters that the listener will be interested to know. Regarding the work of TV presenters: I feel like a fish in water, this is also possible. There were already some test screenings to test myself, everything went very successfully. With pleasure I will try further.

Q: How do you keep fit after your career? Before the last return, they said that they were on a diet - now adhere to some kind of nutrition system?
A: Now I eat, in principle, everything I want, but without busting. I go to the gym four times a week. Very few athletes who go to the gym after sports (laughs). I am engaged in boxing all the time. Another pool, a bathhouse, performances where I give all my best.

Q: What sports do you watch as a fan?
A: I watch TV infrequently, but what I can’t miss are the fights of Khabib Nurmagomedov. Always rooting for him, but now especially. I like to watch martial arts. I watch soccer only when some top clubs play.

Q: Do you like to travel? Where do you plan to go in the near future?
A: I love it very much, but I also like to stay at home. For two months I haven't been in Moscow, I really missed it. In the near future, trips to China, London, Brazil, and America are planned.

Q: You have a lot of tattoos. What value do you put in them? Will you still get more?
A: All my tattoos have a certain meaning for me. In each part of this large drawing, there is some sense of my own. From the worst to the best. About a year and a half or two, as I finished having them done. I did everything I wanted, so far there is no desire to continue. Perhaps in the course of my life I will do something else. Probably no. We'll see.

Text: Anastasia Matrosova