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Nobunari Oda


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Oct 21, 2017


May 19, 2018
Just saw Oda-san's YMCA routine. WOW. It was good, and I don't mean "good for a 31-year-old". I mean just plain good.

The YMCA spin, wow, I'm pretty sure I'd topple over before even getting just the Y in if I tried that. He really motivated me to work on my spins. :biggrin:


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Feb 28, 2012
Nobu has shared some sad news on his Blog, I hope a resolution can be found and that Nobu can find the right place that will appreciate him. :(

I was shocked and devastated at this news. I mean...why did this happen to a nice person like him? I just want to say good job to him for writing a post in English because now international fans have known this news and Kansai Uni and the media can not ignore him and the situation. He cancelled some ice shows due to health issue in spring and I was very worried about him. I hope he'll be able to spend good time with his lovely family and am looking forward to seeing him during GPS on TV. (I like his commentary very much)


"Efforts tell lies, but it will not be in vain."
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Feb 10, 2015
This kind of internal politicking happening in Japanese Figure Skating is what's going to doom it sooner or later and we are seeing first signs already.


Good luck in the new season, Sota!
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Nov 12, 2013
I am outraged on Nobunari's behalf and believe every word he says. Shame on the university. Looks like an ousting plot by the middle/lower management and Nobunari's rivals at the rink to me. Judging by experience, the top level like the uni president may not even have known the truth... I hope heads roll for this, because they let a great skater and a popular coach experience such distress. I have a hard time imagining someone wouldn't want Nobunari. Can Howa take him? They do't have any male coach at the moment... Good luck finding a healthy work environment!
And I am very impressed by Nobunari's fluent English!


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Nov 14, 2007
Am checking in here to extend my warmest hugs to all Nobu fans at this difficult time. :ghug::ghug::ghug::ghug::ghug::ghug::ghug::ghug::ghug::ghug: