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Other Summer Competitions 2021

Jul 30, 2012
Dallas Cannon Classic
07/09/2021 - 07/11/2021
Only Ice Dance (Solo and Couple)
Most interesting results:
Place Start Name Rhythm Dance Free Dance Total Score
Place Score Place Score
1 8 Oona Brown, SC of New York
Gage Brown, SC of New York 2 60.21 1 95.86 156.07
2 6 Katarina Wolfkostin, Peninsula SC
Jeffrey Chen, Peninsula SC 1 61.34 2 94.29 155.63
1 4 Shira Ichilov, Individual Member
Laurent Abecassis, Israel Ice Skating Federation 1 62.09 1 84.02 146.11
2 3 Mariia Nosovitskaya, Individual Member
Mikhail Nosovitskiy, Israel Ice Skating Federation 2 59.41 2 80.17 139.58


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Sep 1, 2020
Thanks @moonvine. I looked for a separate thread, but didn't see it. I'll check again.

I don't see the thread. Where can I find it?

Okay. I see it under 'Other International Competitions and Events.'

So, it's not listed under summer competitions. Ah well.

I guess because it's a larger international event, rather than a smaller local comp, open to international skaters.
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Sep 18, 2014
Hungarian Test Skates 2021
14-15 August 2021

ice coverage

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Feb 27, 2012
For posterity, a lemonade-from-lemons observation re 2021 U.S. Collegiate Championships, Jul 26 -29 (which did not have its own thread):

I very belatedly have noticed that unused scholarship funds from 2020 U.S. Collegiates (cancelled because of the pandemic) created a one-time opportunity for the 2021 event to give greater amounts of scholarship money -- and to greater numbers of recipients -- than normal.

"For the 2021 event, the Collegiate Championship Award Program will distribute scholarships based on entries at the close of registration in the total amount of $34,000. This is a one-time opportunity due to unused funds from the 2020 event that was canceled due to the pandemic. After the close of entries, the scholarship allocations listed below were determined based on level of competition and size of the competitive field. ...

Senior Ladies
Champion: $5,000
2nd Place: $3,000
3rd Place: $1,500
4th – 6th Place: $500
7th – 10th Place: $250​

Senior Men
Champion: $5,000
2nd Place: $3,000
3rd Place: $1,500
4th Place: $500​

Junior Ladies
Champion: $3,000
2nd Place: $2,000
3rd Place: $1,000
4th Place: $750
5th Place: $250​

Junior Men
1st Place: $1,000
2nd Place: $500​

Novice Ladies
Champion: $750
2nd Place: $500
3rd Place: $500
4th Place: $250​

Novice Men
Champion: $750
2nd Place: $250​

Intermediate Ladies
Champion: $500"​

For comparison, the original guaranteed scope of prize money for 2021 was far more limited:

While I'm at it, other links for posterity:
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