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you should see her in a crown
Record Breaker
Nov 12, 2011
For the ladies, I chose Ashley Wagner's version of Moulin Rouge. Shae-Lynn Bourne has produced a lot of good stuff, but this remains my fave clearly above everything else. The music cut, lyrics and movement work all together making it such a beautiful entity. 2016 Worlds (although the white dress I did not like so much.) Ashley divides opinions, but I like her attack and ability to act a lot over all her failings as a technical skater... (My other Moulin Rouge fave is actually from ice dance -Virtue and Moir in 2017-8.) There are also others bubbling under, particularly Carolina Kostner in both her programs in the 2014 Olympics, Evgenia Medvedeva's 2016-7 SP, Yuna Kim's FS in the 2013 Worlds, but these you can go and find yourselves...

Ashley's MR is my favorite MR of all time. she and Shae Lynn really worked magic with it, and it just kept getting better and better through her last competition skating it, worlds 2016. that was really the cherry on top. i get chills every time i watch it.