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Sota Yamamoto


Congrats to Sota, #10 in World Standings!
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Nov 12, 2013
Sota's message from JSF's Twitter:

He's thanking everyone for their support, and says he's experienced growth and got good points. He seems to be saying he'll spend the New Year in a sauna, which looks like an Onsen Club get-together.

Look who met up with the Chukyo boys (Sota, Ryuichi Kihara and Kimichika Wada) a couple of days back:

Ryuju came to see them briefly, and from Sota's tweet afterwards, it seems the two of them (or maybe more of them) went to eat yakiniku together afterwards. It's so nice to see Ryuju keep in touch with his former training mates like this. He was at Nationals as a spectator as well. Also, this is Kimichika's last season, he'll finish his career at Inkare. Yuhana also stops competing in March, so Shoma will possibly be Sota's only long-term training mate in Chukyo?

Happy (and lucky) New Year to Sota and his fans!


Congrats to Sota, #10 in World Standings!
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Nov 12, 2013
^ probably some sort of New Year greeting? No idea, heh, but since Kazuki did it too...
Here's also Sota posing with some sort of necklace -

(I guess I'm the only one who finds his wide-eyed expression funny)

And here's Sota own tweet - he did an interview for Nagoya TV, and they apparently presented him with a birthday cake for an early celebration of his birthday (which is Jan 10)

I'm looking forward to seeing what Sota picked for Nagoya Festival. I hope he didn't pick his SP and FS this year as we've seen them a lot already. I'd like him to revisit an older program, like Nobunaga or East of Eden ^ ^


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
メーテレ(Nagoya TV) Interview on Jan. 3.
Transcript and report by Nagoya TV:
Figure Skater Sota Yamamoto Looks Back on His “Turning Point Year”: “Nice” From Shoma Uno, Aspirations for “A New Quadruple”

Q, How did you spend your New Year's holidays?
S: I practiced at Chukyo University until December 31st, and spent only 2 days off. I enjoy the sauna, and I celebrated New Year's Eve in the sauna.
Q: Did you ring in the New Year in the sauna?
S: I started the new year in the sauna with a bunch of skaters (laughs).
Q, What kind of year was 2022 for you?
S: was very happy to finally get some results and compete in the Senior Grand Prix Finals for the first time, where I finished in 2nd place, which was a great result, and I thought it would be one of the turning points.

Yamamoto: "I have more passion for skating than anyone else."
2016: Broken right ankle, three surgeries and rehab.
2017: Returned to competition, started over again with a single rotation

Q, I know you had a hard time not being able to stand on the ice, what was that like?
S: I think there was a long period of time when I wondered if I could make it in the future. Before my injury, I felt like I was made to learn skating, or my skating life was mixed with a somewhat negative feeling, but when I experienced not being able to skate, I realized that I really loved skating, and I have been able to work hard at competitions with a positive attitude since then, and since my return to skating, I have not forgotten how much I love skating, and I think I have more passion for skating than anyone else.

Yamamoto: "Finally I am back here," from Shoma Uno: "That was good, nice."

Q: I heard you brought the medal with you today.
S: "Surprisingly light (chuckles)."
Q: Ah, is that right? What do you feel about your Grand Prix Final medal?
S: I feel that I am finally back here again. I had experienced many years of hardship, but I never lost my desire to come back to this kind of competition, and such a strong determination led me to this result, so I am glad I believed in myself.
Q. One thing that is inseparable from Yamamoto senshu is the presence of Uno senshu. What kind of conversation did you have when you were able to achieve a one-two finish?
S: To be honest, we didn't have any special conversation, but right after I finished my FS, we passed each other for a moment when Shoma-kun was about to start his performance. He said, "Good," or rather, "Nice," which made me very happy, so I hope to experience such things more and more with Shoma-kun.

The following italicized part is not included in the video.
A Series of Clenched Fists in Free Skate! Choreographer Akiko Suzuki on the Impressive Scene...

Speaking of the Free Skate of the Grand Prix Final, Yamamoto senshu's powerful gut-pose was memorable.

Akiko Suzuki-san, a former skating club senpai who choreographed this season's free skate, had this to say about Yamamoto's clenched fists:
"When I saw his clenched fists after landing the triple Axel, I was about to burst into tears, but the succession of clenched fists after that made me withdraw my tears, so I would like to ask him to do clenched fists after his performances in the future," said Akiko Suzuki-san.
To this, Yamamoto senshu immediately responded, "Yes, I will."

Clenching My Fist “Comes Out on Its Own... (laughs)

Q. What did you feel about clenching your fists?
S: I myself was thinking about it after my performance, and I think Akiko-san pointed it out to me, because she is emphasizing the vibe of my performance, so I will do my best to make Akiko-san think that I did a good job.
Q, Your fist clenching was memorable at the Grand Prix Final, but it is not something you do consciously, is it?
S: It's just something that comes out on its own... (laughs) I really have to be conscious of it and stop it. I hope to work hard so that it becomes normal to be able to perform well, without clenched fists.

January 10 is his 23rd birthday, and his New Year's resolution is "to master a third type of quad.

Yamamoto senshu will celebrate his 23rd birthday on January 10.
We celebrated with cheesecake, which he loves.
His New Year's resolution is to "master the third type of quadruple.

Q. What are your aspirations for 2023?
S: I want to learn and master the third type of quadruple. Last year, I had been practicing my third type of quadruple, quadruple flip and quadruple Lutz, but my first goal was to have the stable quadruple salchow and quadruple toeloop, which I was able to complete in the Finals. I hope to incorporate a third new quadruple in my program, to improve my level throughout the season.

Q: How close are you to mastering the third quad?
S: I tried it for the first time in a while today, and I didn't land on ice, but it didn't feel bad considering it was for the first time in a long time, so I hope to work on it in the intervals of this season's competitions, and prepare for next season.
Q: What kind of year do you want 2023 to be?
S: I think last year was more of a season of growth than a comeback for me, so I hope to continue to build momentum and improve so that I can aim even higher and higher.

A surprise birthday cake
S: I will do my best so that I can make a jump forward (t/n: 2023 is the year of rabbit, and he was referring to a hopping bunny). Please give me your support.
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Congrats to Sota, #10 in World Standings!
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Nov 12, 2013
It is already January 10 in Japan, so - Happy Birthday, Sota! 🎂 He turns 23. He's probably on his way to the Universiade at the moment, if not in the US already. May he be healthy this year, do well in competitions, and have many reasons to smile. 🍀


Congrats to Sota, #10 in World Standings!
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Nov 12, 2013
Sota shared a birthday wish from ANA (the airline he apparently used to fly to Universiade):

There were many birthday wishes for him online, so just sharing some of them-
- a sort-of poem, if someone wants to practice Japanese -
- an incredibly realistic painting -
- Sota as superhero -
- and last but not least, a celebratory fan video by one of his long-time fans (with English subtitles):

Good luck at the Universiade, Sota! I hope he stays sharp and doesn't lose his focus. It's an unimportant competition compared to GP or WC, but I bet JSF is going to be watching like hawks. If Sota skated the way he did last year at Challenge Cup (multiple small mistakes), they would be displeased. And not just Shun and Tatsuya (people tend to forget him in their podium predictions, but I wouldn't underestimate him) are dangerous rivals for him, but also Lee, Shaidorov and Memola are fully capable of skating really well, and with quads. A well-trained Sota should be able to fend them off (except for a clean Shun), so I hope he rests well. 🍀


Congrats to Sota, #10 in World Standings!
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Nov 12, 2013
I'm here to congratulate Sota to the result he's dreamed of! Good luck tomorrow 🍀 And thank you for linking that video, Kirara. I saw it, and also the warmup video that's on YT. Sota's gliding is so smooth and fast, and so are his spins, especially the second one! His initial combo was big and beautiful. I think his tightly wrapped feet helped him with the 4S as the initial speed was not as high as that of the combo, he seemed cautious, but due to his good air position, it worked well even so (JMO).
I wish I could update my threads, but my laptop is being serviced until Tuesday, and I find writing anything (or logging into anything) on my cell phone to be immense pain. My thoughts will have to wait a few more days, then :s