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Thornhill Summer Competition

Dec 8, 2010
Some big names coming this weekend to Thornhill. Will be exciting to watch. Does anyone know if skatebuzz is covering it again this year?

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Feb 27, 2012
Thanks for starting the thread, FTS.

Re live-streaming from Thornhill (if that was your ultimate interest), per Skate Canada:
"Only competition from the West Arena will be streamed at the COS Summer Skate."[2797]/2788/language/en-US/Default.aspx
(Schedule for West Arena includes [but is not limited to] all Senior events -- link for PDF is below.)


Schedule (Thu Aug 15 - Sun Aug 18):
The Senior Men’s Free Program in which Patrick Chan will be competing takes place on Sunday August 18 at 3:45 pm. 

Links to Entries and Start Orders:

•Patrick Chan – 6-time Canadian champion, 3-time World Champion
•Andrei Rogozine – 2011 World Junior Champion, 13th, World Championships, 2013
•Gabrielle Daleman – 2013 Canadian National Silver Medalist
•Anthony Kan – Junior Men Champion of Canada, 2013
•Kharis Ralph and Asher Hill – 13th, Ice Dance, World Championships, 2012
•Alexandra Paul and Mitchell Islam – 4th, Ice Dance, Canadian Nationals
•Nobunari Oda – 2-time Grand Prix Final Silver Medalist, Japanese National Champion
•Fumie Suguri – 5-time Japanese National Champion, 3-time World medalist​

Social media for Skate Canada - Central Ontario Section:


Final Flight
Apr 5, 2013
Chan would be competing here?

So this probably means that we're going to find out what he'll be skating to for his LP soon.


Match Penalty
Jun 21, 2009
I miss Gabrielle Daleman live skating :(

Is it possible to rewatch her performance ? or could someone say what she have done in her SP ?


Final Flight
Feb 27, 2012
No didn't go but watching at home. Will go tomorrow for sure. Meeting up with other fans.
My knee is killing me again....


Jan 15, 2012
Watching Oda now. Nice program. Fell on first jump but otherwise he did well. Score around 78? (Sorry I couldn't remember).

Roman.. Roman Sadovsky. Wow this kid is amazing. I will certainly keep an eye on him. Lots of speed for a 14yo.


Jan 15, 2012
Really enjoyed Nam and Roman too. I was looking for you too, emdee. Have fun tomorrow! I know you'll crawl if you have to.
:laugh: I hope Emdee's knees behave well tomorrow!

Nam has shot up. He's almost Brian's height ... .from the camera. ;) He has excellent presentation skills and comes across as always enjoying himself. Hope he gets his triple axel soon.


On the Ice
Feb 3, 2013