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US PSA Awards for the Men through the years


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Jun 11, 2012
Doris, this is awesome. Thanks for putting it together. I've really enjoyed going back in time and revisiting some of these iconic programs.

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Mar 3, 2014
This has been great looking at all of these, but I'll run for cover and say it:

Nathan's Saint Saens program won in 2016? :eek: No, just no. There was no "there" there. Nathan had a good skate, and landed lots of quads. But not only Grant's Les Miz program, but Adam's Beatles, (I can't with Queen, so no Queen will ever win for me), just so many other performances were more memorable as programs. Nathan's presentation and programs have grown by leaps and bounds, and you can compare them with the Saint-Saens to see how much.

(and I can't find Adam's LP at US Nats on YouTube? Yikes:slink:)


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Jul 26, 2003
2018 - Ross Miner – Championship Men Free Skate Program
PSA Coaches – Mark Mitchell, Peter Johansson
Choreographer – Jamie Isley
Music Selection – Queen
Costume Designer – Alicia Jackson

It still hurts that Ross did not get to go to the Olympics based on this performance and an almost equally as good a performance in the SP. At least the PSA gave Ross credit for this great program!

Is anyone else as happy that Ross got a PSA shoutout for his 2018 silver medal programs?

I would have had Ross as runnerup to Jason in 2014, too. That year USFSA let skaters pick the music that was played before your skate. His program was about his experiences living in the Boston area during the Boston Marathon bombing. (Program named Boston Strong). His 'get on the ice' music was" Sweet Caroline"-Boston Marathon Day starts, if you can manage it, by watching the Red Sox, and then walking over to view the general festivities at the Marathon finish.

The crowd sang along with Sweet Caroline with all the the bam bam bam and so good so good Red Sox flourishes as Ross prepared to take the ice. (Before this video starts) in a costume with the Boston Strong ribbon on it.

After the bombing, Ross ended the day (in real life too) sheltering in place as the police hunted for the two bombers.

Ross was skating injured, and so some of his jumps were failures, but he got a standing O anyway.

It is my second clearest memory of choreo/program from that Nationals in Boston. Perhaps you had to be there, and be a Red Sox fan.

Any programs that are standouts for you that were not mentioned?
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