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Was the ISU right to increase age limits?

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Jan 23, 2024
If they'd not done something, i think figure skating's status as an Olympic sport may have been in some serious jeapordy (rightfully, perhaps).

It had to go up to 16 at least, purely for the consequences for doping. It was totally wrong that Kamila Valieva was allowed to skate after failing a doping test, and that only happened because she was under the age of responsibility
I am tired of this repetitious disinformation. Valieva wasn't "under the age of responsibility". She was a protected person.

First of all, being protected person doesn't mean there is no responsibility. See cases -

4 years sanction for a protected person - https://www.doping.nl/media/kb/8874/ADDPI 2022_253 INADA vs Poorna Sri (S).pdf
12 months sanction for a protected person - https://www.doping.nl/filter/doc:8916/SAIDS 2022_17 SAIDS vs Athlete
6 months sanction for a protected person - https://www.sportstribunal.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/ST0123-Decision-redacted.pdf

Second, there were a number of adult athletes who were allowed to compete after they tested positive. Valieva is not some exception here. Some examples:

Marin Cilic was notified at Jun 10 then he competed till June 24 https://jurisprudence.tas-cas.org/Shared Documents/3327, 3335.pdf
Sara Errani was notified at Apr 10 then she competed at 11 (!) tennis tournaments till her trial in August https://jurisprudence.tas-cas.org/Shared Documents/5301, 5302.pdf
Provisional suspension of adult athlete was lifted by Disciplinary Chamber of Swiss Olympic in this case - https://www.doping.nl/media/kb/7551/CAS OG_2020_06 & 08 WA & WADA vs Alex Wilson & Antidoping Switzerland & Swiss Olympic (S).pdf
And if I will spend some more time searching I will find more.
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