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What Do You Want to See at Worlds... Dance


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Jun 3, 2009
What do you want for... THE DANCE(rs)

Gold: Virtue/Moir
WHY: Let’s get real. I love them. I wouldn’t be a fan of figure skating if it weren’t for “Umbrellas of Cherbourg.” But more realistically, I don’t know how much longer we’re gonna have them skating for. Because their initial plan was to skate through this season and then have the surgery, I did wonder if they planned on 2010/2011 to be their swan song. If we only get three more competitions (4CC, Worlds, World Team), I want them to go out on top at Worlds. They’re a great enough team to deserve two World championships along with that OGM.
WHAT NEXT YEAR: To see them skate. That’s all. But if they could figure out a free dance to something by Sigur Ros (“Hoppipolla”), I might die of sheer emotional overload. And if possible, an SD to “Sway.” Or an FD to “Idioteque!” Or “Black Swan.” In fact, I think if they could just postpone retirement until their 40s, I’d be satisfied.

Silver: Davis/White
WHY: Okay, it seems churlish to want them to lose to their training mates again, and I don’t really want that. But I don’t love them like I love V/M. If they win, I’ll cheer – the growth in ice dance in the USA has been remarkable and a World Gold Medal would be a fitting tribute to that. And I also want to see them grow further.
WHAT NEXT: Something a little more subtle then this year.

Bronze: Pechelat/Bourzat
WHY: You know how Blades sorta wishes Patrick wouldn’t be on the podium in men’s despite his growth and recognizes that if he skates the best he can, he deserves it? That’s how I feel here. They have so clearly worked so hard at EVERYTHING – improving their performance skills, creating programs that work for them while still maintaining their individuality, figuring out the SD and how to make that work..... only a curmudgeon can root against the always-4th team. As a curmudgeon, I’m trying not to....
WHAT NEXT YEAR: Something uber-French and/or sexy. I loved their 07/08 flamenco and would love to see something that caters to the fact that they are very attractive people. Hey, if I can’t be a curmudgeon, I’m gonna be shallow.

Fourth: Crone/Poirier
WHY: Barring V/M’s FD, “Eleanor Rigby” is by far my favourite dance of the year – a flat out agonizing masterpiece. I want them to bring it. Top five would be a stunning achievement for these two (especially if the field isn’t redacted by an absent V/M). Realistically, I just hope they skate clean and accomplish their own goal (making the final group/gala)
WHAT NEXT YEAR: Work on their connection. Find something a chemistry that’s not necessarily romantic (can’t force that) but less esoteric than what they have

Fifth: Kerr/Kerr
WHY: Okay, I don’t love their FD like everyone else does. Nor do I like their SD (but I don’t think I like any SD’s this season, except C/L’s and W/P’s, maybe), but I see a spark/drive to their skating that I haven’t really seen before. I don’t want them to drop out of the top five when I expect to see them next season.
WHAT NEXT YEAR: Something English – for Euros, right? The Who maybe..... ooooh, I can see them doing a wonderful dance to “Baba O’Reilly”

Sixth: Bobrova/Soloviev
WHY: There’s so much to love about this team. The sinew of their movement; the elegance of their line. But they don’t have “it” – the intangible quality that puts them above the rest of the crowd. And I hate hate hate their new SD. But their FD is lovely and the way they skated at Europeans? Glorious.

Seventh: Shibutani/Shibutani
WHY: Okay. “Cinema Paradisio” was love – the way Zoueva/Shpilband emphasized their youth while simultaneously hiding their weaknesses (that height difference..!). They had issues last season, but her growth this season has made them such a beautiful match. They have a lot to improve on, but my goodness – the sheer old fashioned class of these two! And I won’t deny it – I would love ice dance to finally (FINALLY) have a non-white team enter the top ten at Worlds. A quick scan tells me this hasn’t happened before.
WHAT NEXT YEAR: Some more old-fashioned goodness.

Eighth: Weaver/Poje
WHY: A top ten placement would be stellar for this team. I want them to do well such that we can see them getting noticed more and more, but not so well that they coast (which is my fear with Bourne as their coach)
WHAT NEXT YEAR: NO MORE CHINTZY FREE DANCES!!!!! Moulin Rouge seems plastic where “Cheek to Cheek/At Last” is classic and “Phantasia” romantic. It’s really a giant step back.

Ninth: Faiella/Scali
WHY: The tale of ice dancing: too many teams to love. If you had told me last year that I would hope that the Kerrs would outrank F/S, I would’ve laughed at you. But the Kerrs’ maintained a drive this season that F/S really don’t have. Disappointing
WHAT NEXT YEAR: .... retirement (with only two spots, I wanna see Alessandrini/Vaturi march onto the world stage too), or recapturing the spark

Tenth: Cappellini/Lannotte
WHY: There is too much beauty in this team to have them fall out of the top ten. Too much beauty for them to be demoralized the way they were by the continued presence of F/S (which, interestingly enough, is how F/S felt when Fusar-Poli/Margaglio came back in 2006 – Italian ice dancers just can’t let go, apparently). I think a top ten placement (and perhaps more importantly, a close score/ranking to F/S) could be the motivation for next year
WHAT NEXT YEAR: a no-holds-barred FD. I adored “Requiem for a Dream”

Also, if they skate: Hurtado/Diaz to make the FD, so we get to see this again


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Feb 25, 2006
I honestly don't care who wins, Virtue/Moir and Davis/White. I like both teams. I'd feel a bit bad for Davis and White if they lost to Virtue and Moir again, but if they deserved second instead of first, I can't complain about it. I guess I'd like to see Pechalat and Bourzat as the third team, or the Kerrs, but I think the Kerrs will end up 4th, 5th, ir 6th (depending on Bobrova/Soloviev and Crone/Poirier). Ideally, I would want both Pechalat and Bourzat AND the Kerrs on the podium but that would require bumping Virtue and Moir or Davis and White off, which is highly doubtful. I'd like Weaver and Poje to make the top 10, too. I feel bad that they keep losing to Crone and Poirier by a bit at seemingly every competition they're at together and I think they deserve some sort of achievement. I also want to see Hoffman and Zavozin on the podium, but I don't know if that's possible with Weaver and Poje also there, unless one of the Italian teams finishes out of the top 10 - which could happen because Faiella and Scali haven't been skating their best and Cappellini and Lanotte have had some time off. Do we know who's going to be the second Russian team yet, I/K or R/T? They should factor in to who makes the top 10, too.

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Nov 22, 2010
Here are the standings I'd like to see:
1) Davis/White
2) Virtue/Moir
3) Pechalat/Bourzat
4) Kerr/Kerr
5) Shibutani/Shibutani
6) Bobrova/Soloviev
7) Weaver/Poje
8) Chock/Zuerlein
9) Ilinykh/Katasalopov
10) Crone/Poirier
11) Faiella/Scali


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Feb 25, 2006
Faiella/Scali all the way down in 11th would be really disappointing for them. Their results seem to be all over the place though.


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Feb 28, 2009
Apparently Faiella Scali won't be at worlds..their goal was europeans but it didn't work :(


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Feb 25, 2006
Not officially but very likely :(
They're not on the list of the athlets that the federation will send to worlds...

Huh.. weird. Maybe the federation is dumping htem due to their performance at Euros. That's a little mean if they are.


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Feb 28, 2009
Huh.. weird. Maybe the federation is dumping htem due to their performance at Euros. That's a little mean if they are.

no..I'm not saying that the federation doesn't want to send them but I think it's their decision not to go! For two years they fought with injuries and illness and this year they hold on to try to get the gold at euros...they didn't succeded...the fed would not have dumped them at all because they are the strongest couple in italy expecially with the hard season anna and luca are having....


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Jul 26, 2003
That is so sad..but hasn't Massimo's back been troubling him? Perhaps between injury, age, the fact they got bronze last year, and the disappointing Euro's results, they have decided it's time to retire? The following list is with the assumption F&S won't be there.

As to what do I want to see at Worlds.

I want D&W to win this one. I see their FD, which was deliberately aimed at improving three of their weaknesses in one year, as really succeeding better each time out, and I hope it really rocks at Worlds. The three weaknesses?
1. Not much in the way of transitions-this program is packed, in every sense.
2. They have relied on "big music" and "big stories" to carry their programs. Frankly, tango music is a little boring IMO, and it has no story implicit in it. The performance and the skating has to carry the FD.
3. Problems displaying emotions, especially when the music isn't managing that trick for them.

It was a hugely ambitious thing to tackle 3 weaknesses at once, and I applaud them. I'm not crazy about their SD, but I hate almost all of them, and like the all waltz ones (like D&W's) the best of the bunch. And again, the grading of the SD has forced them to be more precise in the GW portion of the dance. In the past, they have relied on portraying the feeling/style of the rhythm and have been a bit untidy about the actual steps. This year they've had to pull up their socks, and their GW now is very good. I love that they convey the feeling of the dance through the actual dancing/skating , not just in place or nearly in place posing.

Next year: I hope they go back to "big music" programs again. I love that stuff! And Charlie could use some more acting lessons-his body work is now much better, but his facial expressions still need work. I expect they will be doing rhumba, cha cha and samba lessons, because ballroom lessons have been part of their training regimen the last couple years. They shouldn't skip it. Oh-start training early again, as in previous years.

V&M-I hope they don't go to Worlds. I don't think Canada needs them to go for the three spots, and Tessa's problems should be a wake up call to let her body thoroughly heal. Then they can come back next year instead of risking damage. I'm not crazy about their SD, except for their really spiffy GW segments. In fact if you want to see lack of tango expression, check out the 2 tango sections before and after their GW in the SD. They can do better than this. And did better in the tango OD in 2007.

Who can comment on their FD? We really haven't seen it. However, from what little we did see, they seem to be using the same choreo tricks they used in the year they did Pink Floyd, coping with Tessa's injuries, and with the Charleston OD: set the stage with some appropriate almost non skating choreo (and theirs was very good here, but it wasn't skating), and then the circular step was a repeat of previous work with no discernible samba flavor, and fabulous lifts, to distract from what's missing (and you don't have to be able to skate to let your partner lift you and throw you around. The one really good point with the fragment we saw was the circular twizzles IMO, which I really loved. Again, they can do better. And next year, they will.

And if they don't go to Worlds, Paul and Islam can go. And I'd like to see them at Worlds.

Next year?
Really bring it guys! I expect their Rumba to be amazing. Heck it was amazing a couple years ago. However, I'd like to see Tessa join Charlie in the facial acting class. She has 3 expressions, and has been using them for years. 1. I adore my brand new puppy. He's perfect (while staring at Scott) 2. I'm so brave and trying to be sexy. I have my first training bra! (start of Charleston OD and Samba FD) 3. I'm so annoyed/hissy fit (Their I dare you to move exhibition). Again, she's never had to do more, and I know she can do it. Scott, is perfect :love:

Second place: P&B. They've worked so hard for it this year. They so deserve it. Their Chaplin FD is adorable. Their SD, not so much, but again they've really labored over it, and it is OK.

Next year: go to French Nationals! And I'd like to see them do something that isn't humor for a free dance. This is 3 years running for humor.

Third place: Weaver & Poje-they won't get it, but I'd like to see it :laugh: They have my favorite SD of the year. And I don't hate their Moulin Rouge program-I just want to see it performed without errors.

Next year? Work on mental toughness. See a sports psychologist. And continue to have great choreo. Skate a little faster!

Fourth place: If W&P can't have third, I want to see the Kerrs get it. (and W&P get 4th)
Next year I want to see Kerrs retire. I don't want to see any more Muse programs. But I hope they continue on the pro circuit, such as it is. They are rockin' exhibition skaters.

Fifth place: B&S-It would be a tragedy for Russia not to have 3 spots at Worlds for another year. I don't want to see that happen. I don't like either of their programs, but they are striking on the ice in the FD.

Sixth place: Shibutanis-I want to see them seeded for the GP next year. I love their very nice, dancy, beautifully performed programs. (and 1+6=US with 3 slots)

Next year I want them to try something that causes them to stretch a bit. I expect their rhumba to be fabulously precise, but getting the sexy feeling may be a challenge. Maybe and FD with something like the Duchesnay's did with Missing?

7th place: Crone & Poirier-I don't like their SD at all. Their FD is wearing thin on me. I applaud their going to an outside choreographer, especially Chris Dean, but somehow, these 2 programs seem a little less at every outing rather than more. If they have time, they should replace their SD before Worlds. The judges aren't liking this much better than I do.

Next year? Take mime classes along with Charlie and Meryl. Take acting lessons. Learn to simulate having some kind of a connection. Paint a dot on Vanessa's forehead and have Paul stare at it while they skate. And don't do an FD that is a "If You Can't Fix It, Feature It" move, where they do Alienation and No Connection as a theme again. Anything else, please?

I expect they will finish higher though. And 7+3 or 4 gives 3 spots for Canada with V&M out.

8th I&K -They're young, they're good, and I hate their SD angsty/waltz tango. And Russia needs 3 spots (5+8=13). I would have sent R&T, whose SD I :love: I'm not crazy about Don Quixote and the tutu either. In a sport where skating close together is a plus, there is no room for a tutu between the partners.

Next year? Start the year healthy, so that they can start training early. Have Nikita do a lot of skating practice and control work so he can catch up to Elena. And no ballet programs. I expect their rumba SD to be smokin' HOT! next year.

9th Chock & Zuerlein-I love both their programs! They just aren't as good as the teams in front of them :cry: I love the character driven stuff in both of the programs.

Next year? More of the same :love: But lots of work over the summer on speed.

10th Hoffman & Zavozin - I really like both of them, but he is way too sloppy. I like their SD, and their FD is pretty good, too.

Next year? Max, pilates. Upper body work. You look a tad out of shape. And basic skating practice.

11th Mysliveckova & Novak. Their OD has a great step sequence. And their FD is way too funny. They need to not fall, and to do their twizzles correctly.

More of the same next year; lots of work.

12th Zhiganshina & Gaszi- I really get a kick out of their craziness.

13th Capellini & Lanotte- This has been a disastrous season. Hit the reset button for next year.
14th Paul & Islam
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Mar 27, 2007
I want Pechalat/Bourzat and Ilinykh/Katsalapov as 1-2 but that's not happening, LOL. Ideally, P/B skate two great programs and finish on the podium, or even win, and I/K skate the best they have all year and set themselves up nicely for next season.

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Feb 27, 2009
What I want:
1. Virtue/Moir. I wish they'll defend their title and we will finally see their FD from the beginning to the end, because I feel it worth it
2. Pechalat/Bourzat. They were great at Euros and they are... I don't know... very European, and I'm a huge fan of European ice dance. Plus they really improved since last season and I think they deserve a medal
3. Davis/White. I have to say, I never really liked this team. I like teams with beautiful lines and good posture, for me it's really important, and it's not something D/W really have. But I appreciate their difficulty, speed and confidence.
4. Kerrs. I just love these two. Don't really know why, they are not great technicians and don't have clean lines I like, but somehow they touch me everytime I see them.
5. Ilinykh/Katsalapov. I'm a huge fan and didn't like any ice dance team as much as I like them. They have it all and I expect to see them at least at the Europeans podium next season, but now they are young and I only wish them to show their best, scores and placement are not that important
6. Bobrova/Soloviev. Don't like their stile and wish they will show something different next year, but they are really strong technically, have great basics and skating skills, gorgeous lines, everything I like in ice dance.
7. Weaver/Poje. They really impressed me this season, especially their SD. FD not that much though. But I like them so much more than Crone/Poirier and wish them to do well.
8. Shibutanis. Great technically and very elegant, but I prefer teams that look more mature and show more expression.

Other teams like Cappellini/Lanotte, Crone/Poirier and Chock/Zuerlein didn't impress me at all this season
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Oct 31, 2006
I'm assuming no Virtue/Moir (I personally wouldn't risk it for them after what happened to her at 4CC) and no Faiella/Scali (who knows what will really happen?), so . . .

1. Davis/White
2. Pechalat/Bourzat
3. Crone/Poirier
4. Ilinykh/Katsalapov
5. Kerrs
6. Shibutanis
7. Cappellini/Lanotte
8. Bobrova/Soloviev
9. Weaver/Poje
10. Chock/Zuerlein

Most important thing: 3 spots for US, Canada, and Russia at next Worlds! :biggrin:
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Nov 3, 2006
:)What I want is for V/M to be able to come back and win..I realize that's a tall order ,and I don't want it at the expense of her well being.
I want
1.V/M ( No,no..their Tango is fine.. It's not as seen in an Argentinian Tango bar. It's a "let's be daring and try that racy Tango that's all the rage"..)
2.D/W but if this order is reversed (based on skating ),I would never complain , and enjoy it almost as much.
3.P/B.. I want it and expect it . Love their programs, costumes..the whole effort.( love the jet beads on the Dr.Z costume )
4.B/S...preferred their old SD. Love their FD . They're very good ( and there's something endearing about her false eyelashes)

Here's where I get into trouble making up my mind, so I'll come back.

ETA; No-one else posted in the interim, so..Just further to B/S ; I don't think they've had as bad a skate all season as they did at GPF, so I think that was just an aberration ,and it's an understatement when I say I preferred the first SD...I don't like the music or the costumes at all for the new one, but they do seem to be able to keep it a waltz...If all skate well, I don't think W/P ,C/P Shibs, or K/K can best them, whatever their material.
Here's where I hit the bottleneck..What I think I want for 5-8 is :

5. W/P ..if they skate 2 good programs. though I"ve criticised their FD..I recognize it contains a lot of good elements
6.K/K..I am a fan of their FD ( athletic, yet musical ), but not their SD ..so if 5 and 6 were reversed that would be OK, too .
7. Shibs..adore them, adore their programs ..simple as that.
8. C/P..First signs of change for them this year,but not sure where it's going. I liked the FD better at first, too. Have they tweaked it since SC ?( must check) As Dean programs go, I don't feel it's his best work , but I do like it. I'd like to see more ease in the execution, leave out the face trick and the hand shaking,just make nice clean shapes..I don't know.
9. I/K..everything doris said about their programs goes for me too. (I've even wondered if the tutu was a decision made to disguise the distance between them )But their talent and charisma are undeniable and I think the judges will be favourably disposed. I'd be fine with a slightly lower placement, but I just have a feeling...
10 H/Z..SD is Ok but I'm not crazy about the FD.I really like their presence.
11. C/Z..but I think they've hit on a winning direction for the future with character pieces.

Sight unseen , I don't know how C/L will fit in, but I'd guess somewhere around 10 or 12 down.

If V/M withdraw ( avert!) move everyone up a notch and filter P/I in , where ? probably 10-13...I'd wish for better but don't think it would be likely
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Jun 16, 2010
I dont want Tessa to skate since IMO it is a real risk to her health at this point. So what I want is:

1. Davis & White- I dont even like them but they deserve a World title and there are really no other worthy winners.

2. Pechalat & Bourzat- I like them more than Davis & White but IMO they arent really World Champion caliber objecitvely speaking. So silver is good for them and possibly would retire on this high note.

3. Kerr & Kerr- would never happen but would love to see it. I love them.

4. Ilinykh & Katsalapov- since I like them much more than their boring teammates.

5. Shibutani & Shibutani- they are adoreable and I want to see them have a good showing in their first season Worlds.

6. Faiella & Scali- would be nice to see them go out on a decent note (they cant really hope for more than that at this point).

7. Weaver & Poje- would like to see them finally beat Crone & Poirier

8. Bobrova & Soloviev- zzzzz. I know they will end up winning bronze if V&M dont skate though.

9. Crone & Poirier

10. Hoffmann & Zazovin