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What do you want to see at Worlds ...Pairs


Final Flight
Aug 27, 2003
I didn't see pairs from Europeans, nor have I seen Volosozhar/Trankov yet. Based on the Grand Prix season, this is what I'm hoping for.

--Gold for Savchenko/Szolkowy. They really seem revitalized this year and are skating so well. Would love to see them seal their successful comeback season with a win. I've always been a fan of theirs; I think Aliona is one of the best female pairs skaters ever, I like their chemistry on-ice, and I love how they're innovative and always doing something different, while still maintaining high technical standards. The Pink Panther program, although a bit odd, is kind of fun simply because it's different, and I think they perform it well.

--A medal for Pang/Tong. I really like their long program this year. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I find it very romantic and well-skated artistically (although technically, they've had some errors).

--A strong Worlds debut for Yankowskas/Coughlin. I like this team, especially Caitlin. She definitely has that star quality, and such beautiful posture and presence. I'd really like to see them skate clean, hit all their elements, and place well. I think top 8 or top 6 is attainable if they skate clean and with intensity. If they place strongly in Moscow, they can then build on that success next year. I like the potential in this team.

--Good performances from Evora/Ladwig. Despite winning silver at Nationals, they really haven't had a great season. They should have done better on the Grand Prix, considering the relatively weak field this season, and 4CC was terrible. There's so much I like about this team, but they need more consistency, and I really feel strongly that they need better choreography and programs. If they want to really compete with the top pairs, they need to get serious about their presentation. Right now they're just coasting in that area. Their programs this year are very average and forgettable, unlike Y/C's, which are more thematic and make a statement. If both the American pairs skated up to their potential, it's not inconceivable they could get that third spot back, but they really have to bring it. I'd like to see E/L perform well, end the season on a good note, then find a new choreographer and get some great programs for next year.