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What's your top 5 of Worlds 2016?


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Dec 11, 2014
1. Hanyu SP
2. Pogo both programs
3. Rika Hongo both programs
4. Shibs FS
5. Wagner FS


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Jan 27, 2014
1. Sui/Han's SP - most watched video so far (tied with Ashley's SP)
2. Ashley's SP
3. Shibutanis FD
4. Ashley's LP - the audience reaction!
5. Javier's LP tied with Anna P's SP - both revelations; Anna so improved in performance, Javier so improved in SS that I've promised never ever to whinge about his SS scores again :biggrin:


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Jan 1, 2007
Papadakis/Cizeron - SD
Anna P - SP
Dennis V - SP
Ivan Righini -SP
Sui/Han - SP


Mar 5, 2014
1. Mao Asada LP transcendent and heart rending beauty; every line, gesture, extension and movement meticulously crafted with consummate balletic grace as her blades carve a plaintive wake that paints a compelling picture of melancholy and expectation, mounting to a stunning emotional climax as she surrenders to her fate with the spread eagle, the triple axel, triple flip and loop and the passionate triple flip double loop double loops with a tano were dazzling and unique, her fluid flow matched the tempo and mood of the music beautifully with no extraneous rocking, jerking or hunching of the shoulders to build speed.

2. Yuzuru Hanyu SP- Placidity and fire suited to the contrasting mood of the music

3, Papadakis & Cizeron FD - unison of movement is soothing, intricate and highly artistic

4. Sui / Han SP - Acrobatic lifts, big throw jumps meets a flame of passion

5. Meagan Duhamel / Eric Radford FS 2016- The throw quad salchow was magnificent, marvelous skating skills and fluidity in movement
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Mar 5, 2004
The Shibs - SD & FD
Javi's SP & FS
Gilles & Poirier's SD

Gee, that's 5 already!!!! Then there's Gracie's SP, Ashley's FS, Adam, Max, & Grant's FS programs ... Mao!!!!


Nov 28, 2006
-Ashley- seeing her so happy and embraced by the crowd, her awesome short program performance, and winning the silver to break the USA ladies medal drought

-The Shibs- especially their silver medal, their Coppelia, and their lovely exhibition program

-The graceful skating of Medvedeva and Rika Hongbo

-The entire men's freeskate, building the environment in that arena and really culminating in Javier Fernandez's incredible program. To me, he is such a breath of fresh air in men's skating right now.

-The positive feeling all the way around that I came away with from this worlds. A very high level of skating overall and GREAT crowds in Boston!
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Jan 1, 2015
Evgenia - FS
Ashley - SP & FS
Kolyada - FS
Anna Pogo - SP & FS
Javi - FS
Mao - FS
Sui/Han - SP


Dec 29, 2014
There were so many wonderful moments for me of the performances I saw live, Kolyada's SP/FP, Ivan Righini's SP (brought me to tears), Gracie's SP, Shib's FD, P/C's FD, H/D's FD, Mirai's SP/FP, Yuzuru's SP, Adam's LP (which for me comes across so much better live than on TV), Anna's SP/FP, Evgenia's FP, the audience reaction to Ashley's silver, it's impossible to choose five, lol! But if I had to choose "the moment" of the entire championship, for me it would be Javi's FS. He was just awesome in every way, and he completed everything with such ease and charm and projection to the audience, he almost made me forget this was a competition and not an exhibition! Bravo to Javi:clap:
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Jan 1, 2013
Oh, well, my personal top five, in no order:

- Brendan's SP
- Brendan's FS (and raising his PB TSS by 10 points! :yay: )
- Seeing Max do the Black Swan almost perfectly, and he was so happy :love:
- seeing the Shibs FD (especially those twizzles)
- having the privilege of seeing Medvedeva's incredible FS
- having the privilege of seeing Fernandez's incredible FS
- seeing no less than four (maybe five?) world records broken and every single one of them was completely deserved


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Jul 27, 2003
1. Fernandez - fs !!!!! :luv17:
2. Medvedeva - fs
3. Sui/Han - sp
4. Asada - fs
5. Kolyada - fs
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Nov 19, 2015
1. Ashley's look of disbelief when she saw her FS score
2. Ashley SP and FS especially her fall on the ice while celebrating her SP
3. Rika Hongo FS
4. Shibs FD
5. Pogorilaya not falling - I think this was the biggest surprise at worlds

Honorable mention - Adam Rippon FS (not falling on the quad although <)
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May 21, 2014
1- Papadakis&Cizeron SD and FD, absolutely breathtaking
2- Hubbell/Donohue FD
3- Fernandez LP
4- Han/Sui SP
5- Savchenko&Massot LP


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Jan 10, 2014
I thought I posted here before, but maybe not? Here's mine:

1) Ashley winning silver - will never forget the roar of the TD Garden for the last 30 seconds of her program after she hit her triple lutz!
2) Shibs FD - the twizzles - the crowd started cheering when they hit the second series!
3) P/C FD - so gorgeous
4) Javi FS - what an amazing performance with three perfect quads and that fun "Guys and Dolls" score!
5) Duhamel/Radford FS - Meagan's excitement was so infectious :)
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Jul 4, 2015
1. Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron - Both SD and FD
Unbelievable but true: They became double European and World champions after withdrawing from the whole Grand-Prix season given Gabriella's injury!
Thinking they are so young (21 for Guillaume and 20 for Gabriella), their performances are just fantastic
Their SD and FD are gems, full of elegance, class, technical elements blended into a sublime choreography, fluidity, emotions, talents, etc
It's pure art

2. Javier Fernandez - FP
Javier is a highly talented skater and the way he managed to get the Gold medal after the SP is just brilliant.

3. Madison Hubbel and Zachary Donohue - FD
Their FD was a masterpiece so well performed with emotion and charisma. Well done!

4. Ashley - FP
Her FP was just great and she was so focused to deliver a fabulous performance in Boston.

5. Savchenko & Bruno Massot - FP
Finally, so happy they won the bronze medal, so deserved for this pair!


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Feb 10, 2015
1. Papadakis/Cizeron- both SD/FD
2. The Shibs FD
3.Yuzu's SP
4.Sui/Han SP
5.Anna Pogo's both programs

Honorable mentions: Relieved Mao after her FS, Ashley's and G/P hillarious reactions, Javi's FS ,Satoko's FS and Savchenko/Massot generally


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Aug 14, 2014
yeah, this year has many excellent programs to watch.:)
i shall treasure the memories of all the wonderful performances!
and thanks to all skaters!:clap:

Papadakis/Cizeron- fd (a masterpiece! i actually want to put sd also!)
yuzu sp (of course!)
javi fp (a magic!)
mao fp (cant say fully how i was delighted at her smile whe she finished!)
Satoko fp (refined, lovely... just wish her hard work will be rewarded some day.)
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Jan 27, 2013
Another honourable mention outside of my top 5, was hearing the British announcer's comment after D&R's LP, "on your feet again Boston, on your feet again!"