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What's your top 5 of Worlds 2016?


On the Ice
Mar 26, 2012
This year's world's was one of the best since the IJS was established. Very deep fields in all disciplines. Here are my top five:
5. the ladies' event. No popping or splat fest. Just think, the entire top ten ladies LPs were 120 points or more!
4. Gracie Gold's raw and honest interview after her lackluster free skate. She needed to blow off some steam and boy did she ever!
3. That Latvian boy
2. Duhamel and Radford firmly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with. With a loaded and deep field, they managed to keep their cool and knock all 3(! ) Russian pairs off the podium.
1. JAVI; JAVI; JAVI... free skate from heaven!