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Worlds 2011: Ladies predictions


Record Breaker
Nov 12, 2009
ETA. She is doing great so far and all she has to do is repeat the same performances from 4CC and there is no way Miki will be off the podium. No ones other than Kim and Asada can over take her points wise. Even if Cizney, Flatt, Kostner & Murakami goes super clean, I doubt they will crack the 190 mark.

I agree with this. Czisny and Kostner don't have the content and Murakami will likely not get the PCS needed to break 200. If Miki's clean, she will medal. Not saying she will be clean, but if she is, I don't see her off the podium.


Final Flight
Nov 14, 2009
"Keeps on"? 4CC was only the second time Mao attempted this combo since Worlds 2007. And despite attempting the combo for the first time in a long time, she didn't splat. Her 4CC combo looked better than the JO one, and the one done in the warm-up looked fully rotated. The ice coverage on 2A has improved a lot - Mao used to jump more "up-and-down", now her 2A's cover a lot of ice.

Mao popped both axel attempts at TEB and NHK. I'm assuming she didn't go for a second 3A, so that makes four failed attempts this season (out of....four), with her last successful execution in 2007. 0% is not an impressive success rate by any means. I also vaguely remember that she got hit with UR calls even back in 2006-2007, but I'm up for correction. Yes, her "layout for the gods" is a worthy goal, but an unrealistic one at the moment. If she's conceding that second 3A and perhaps her 3-3 as well for pragmatic reasons, why not omit the 2A-3T as well and play safe(r)? I actually think she has more to gain from a totally clean performance with that 2A-3T diluted to a 2A-2T (like at Nationals). Of course, this is in the context of Worlds 2011. I'm very much supportive of her goal for Sochi, but think competition may call for concessions. Again, I actually think she has a better chance fully rotating that 3F-3Lo, which would make up for points lost by breaking down the 2A-3T into a 2A-2T.