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Yu Na/Virtue/Moir/Lepisto


Final Flight
Dec 14, 2004
Hi I was just thinking,

Yu Na, going in very cold and making World's as your 1st tournament in, will she be totally focused, there will be no room for error, she cant change anything and will be down to the judges. Her PCS marks will probably hold her up. I think she should have done 4CC!! so she can fine tune anything before World's

Virtue/Moir, okay they seem to be doing 4CC! but there have been problems with the SD this year as it is a new element and it takes the skaters time to adjust and fine tune, and also change music, maybe this season Davis /White have the edge.

Lepsito, anyone heard anything, I can only assume Laura is doing light training, but we do not know how severe the injury is, like Yu Na be difficult to go straight in ad she has not got Yu Na's reputation to help her out.

We shall see but I hope they are all at Worlds and skate to their potential.:biggrin: