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Thread: Any gymnastics fans out there?

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    Any gymnastics fans out there?

    I found a couple of really fun video montages on YouTube. The first is of promising young gymnast Aliya Mustaphina with the music "drops of Jupiter", and the 2nd is of past stars in their prime with the music"forever young" playing in the background. Adore these videos.

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    Thanks for sharing! I like to follow gymnastics a little. Mustaphina looks really talented, and I really enjoyed the "forever young" montage.

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    Thanks for the links!

    I always follow the Italian athlets of almost every sport. We (in Italy) had Juri Chechi, Igor Cassina and now that talented 16 years old girl, who's name is Vanessa Ferrari. This is the first time that an Italian girl won a gold medal at a World Championships. Additionaly she won also a bronze medal. So my congratulations.

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    Thanks for posting those I love gymnastics and that little russian girl - wow she is something. How old is she? Loved the other montage too Nadia will always be my favorite.

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    I love gymnastics. I enjoy watching it whenever it's on....and I worry about their health at the same time, lol.

    Wow, that Aliya is really tiny!
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