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2023 NHK Trophy Women's Free Skate


Nov 19, 2013
Rolling up WAY late to this party. This one happened last night as my bedtime was starting, so I watched it first thing this AM without looking at results. And WOW! My predictions are so in the toilet. But I'm so happy for this result! I've been an Ava fan for a while and was disappointed that she had a rough go at US Nationals last year. Today's clean program is not a one off for her--enjoy a few minutes of 2022 Budapest Trophy:
And well done to Lindsay, Nina, and Haein!
I enjoyed reading the commentary here as I watch---witty as always! :D


Dec 2, 2022
I've just finished watching. That did not go how I expected! :ROFLMAO: Bet the US fed are kicking themselves now for not giving Ava-Marie a host spot at Skate America. A similar score (which I know would in no way be guaranteed) would have given her bronze there and a spot in the GP final. Mai Mihara wasn't ready yet. The Japanese fed should probably have withdrawn her and have Rino Matsuike skate instead.


Record Breaker
Jul 9, 2014
You know, Ava was not even on my radar screen before this event as I know virtually nothing about her. She's lovely and so talented. The US needs to do more to get her into the spotlight. To win a competition this big, and still not qualify for the GPF is quite sad.