All in all - if I understand it correctly, the judging system we're talking about is completely relative. Which means that you can't compare a routine from one competition to one from another. You can only compare routines within a competition (and of course still criticise the results).
Sure. I think that's all people are curious about. I don't think we're comparing routines from different comeptitions. I only pointed out the awards he's won beacuse it was mentioned that Matt would never come close to getting on the podium at international events without a quad.

So to find out if Matt's judging was fair you would have to list every routine from the one finishing 1 to - let's say 15 or 20 - to decide if it's correctly judged. And then set yourself in the position of judges who are advised to be able to fit in about 10 still coming skaters at the point when they're judging Matt Savoie... Of course the whole rest could have become splatfest and then perhaps Matt's marks should have been the highest in the free program (even though they're relatively low) - but iirc it wasn't a splatfest, was it?
I think people who are familiar with Matt's skating and the quality of it are surprised to see that he a) skated a clean LP and b) received the low placements/ordinals that he did.

I think Matt fans are naturally curious about how the skaters that placed ahead of him performed, though I understand that judges have to leave room for them. Still, a lot of skaters were placed ahead of him, so we're wondering how they performed.

There's kind of delayed reaction to this whole thing, because his performance wasn't broadcast here. We knew he finished 12th, but we didn't see how he performed to earn that placement. It was a gem of a performance for him and I guess I wish he'd gotten a little acknowledgement for it, but he didn't. Not even a 5-minute slot on ABC. ::grumble grumble::

Obviously he doesn't deserve to win or medal coming from 14th place, but a top 10 overall placement for a LP performance and program of that caliber would have been a nice thing for him.