mathman, I appreciate your post. I remember seeing on "60 minutes" the fate of a group of E. German female swimmers - almost all dead or bedridden before age 40 from excessive steroid use given to them by their National team coaches and doctors. A sad story and the interview from one of the swimmers practically brought me to tears. She claimed most of the girls never knew they were being force fed massive doses of steroids/drugs and she thought they grew such big muscles from hard training and a special diet. This particular girl died a few months after the interview of a rare form of cancer. It was so suspicious watching these swimmers back in the 80's - and I always knew US girls would have beaten them easily in a fair contest. Atleast our girls are still healthy and alive today.
But I am sure there are stories about excesses of Western sporting programs.

I was actually curious how this plays out in popular culture - of the West and East. Jimmie Kimmel's joke about Michelle's grade point average or the 'Harry and Sally" joke about his mother disguised as an E. German judge was more of what I had in mind. It is interesting to think that 20 years after the "cold war" a late night American comedian would crack a joke about the old cold war scoring battles and controversies that went on. Or to hear a joke about it in a Holllywood movie. That shows the cross cultural effect and I was curious if there are other examples anyone can think of - and most definitely to hear the views from members here that are from the East.
I did not mean for this to be the same old argument - but a more lighthearted look into how much of this was absorbed into the popular culture of society both East and West. Maybe I think of strange topics.....