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ITA. Actually Rachael did about the same as she did at World's. I can't comment on Lepisto's performance, if she should or should not have been ahead of her (NBC didn't show it), but one of the people ahead of her this year who wasn't ahead of her last year was Mirai, who wasn't at World's last year.

Frankly, I am disgusted at the animosity towards Rachael. I agree she didn't have the best long program music and costume, but I doubt she choreographed it herself. Someone on her team let her down by trying to make her skate to music better suited for a much more delicate girl, but Rachael did nothing wrong. She didn't fall, she didn't make any errors at all visible to the naked eye, she skated to her blah music in her blah costume about as good as anyone could have. Frankly, her artistry was way above Miki Ando's, yet nobody carries on about her. Oh, but she's a beautiful Asian girl, but Rachael is an average looking Caucasian, along with those other villianesses of figure skating, Kimmie and Sarah. My bad.
You know, if you want to undo a great point, accuse people of racism when it's not necessary. That's a surefire method to make yourself ignored. I hope you teach at the Elvis Stoijko School of Communication