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    JGP Courchevel 2012 Ice Dance Preview

    The ice dance at JGP Courchevel will be very interesting, because the international experience of the competitors is rather small. However, I expect the dancing to be very exciting. Some great teams are competing here. I expect the gold and silver medals to be going between:

    Valeria ZENKOVA / Valerie SINITSIN RUS
    Coach: Alexander Zhulin, Oleg Volkov Choreographer: Alexander Zhulin, Sergei Petukhov
    SD Blues: Your Heart Is As Black As Night; Swing: Brother Swing
    FD Cats (musical) by A. L. Webber
    3rd at last year's Junior Russian Championships.
    Their best ever total score was at ISU JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi 2011; 130.58
    Their FD at last season's Santa Claus Cup, which they won.

    Zenkova and Sinitsin did not get to go to World Juniors last year because of the depth of the Russian team. The decision that kept them home (given that they were the bronze medallists in Russian Juniors last year) was quite controversial.
    Their best competition should come from the hometown team:

    Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillaume CIZERON FRA
    Coach & Choreographer: Catherine Papadakis
    SD Blues, Swing
    FD Pink Floyd medley
    Finished 5th at the 2012 Junior World Championships where they earned their best ever total score, 138.70
    Here's their FD from the WJC

    They were in tight competition for the bronze at Worlds, losing out in the FD. They have the highest previous score coming into the event, and they could also win the gold here.

    The following teams all have a great shot at the bronze. Edwards & Pang have improved amazingly since last year, and had a great summer season, beating the WJC bronze medallists at LPIDC.:

    Madeline EDWARDS and Zhao Kai PANG CAN
    made their debut on the JGP last year at JGP Innsbruck, where they placed 5th and scored their highest total score of 122.90. They are coached by Wing & Lowe.

    They are the reigning Canadian Junior Silver medallists. They did a wonderful job recently at BC Summer Skate, where they scored 52.51 in winning the SD. They withdrew from the FD. They also competed at LPIDC, where they won their group in the FD with a score of 70.19, the highest score recorded for any of the three sections there.

    Blues: Why Don't You Do Right
    Swing: Mr. Pinstripe Suit by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Music Free Skating / Free Dance as of season2012/2013 George Valentin (from The Artist soundtrack) by Ludovic Bource
    Waltz for Peppy (from The Artist soundtrack) by Ludovic Bource
    Peppy and George (from The Artist soundtrack) by Ludovic Bource
    Coach & Choreographers Wing & Lowe
    SD 47.99 at LPIDC (second in their section, 3rd highest event wide)
    FD 70.19 at LPIDC (first in their section & highest event wide)
    Max internationally, 122.9 at JGP Austria last year.
    2nd at Canadian Junior Nationals

    We're lucky to have a video of their this season's SD:
    2012 SD at BC Summerskate

    2011 JGP Austria FD

    Three up and coming pairs of youngsters are debuting here. It's hard to pick where they should score, but it's always exciting to see the debut of really talented kids:

    From Russia:

    SD Blues; Swing Music
    FD Gangs of New York
    Coach: Oleg Sudakov Choreographer: Elena Maslennikova
    This is their second year on the JGP. They earned 116.81 total at JGP Austria last year, and placed sixth at the Russian junior championships..
    Their FD from Russian Junior Nationals last season

    and from the USA, the following two teams:

    Lorraine MCNAMARA and Quinn CARPENTER USA (age 13 & 16)
    Coaches & Choreographers: Alexei Kiliakov, Elena Novak, Dmytri Ilin from the up and coming Wheaton Academy rink in MD.
    SD Hip-Hop: Ramalama Bang Bang by Roisin Murphy; Blues: Zombie Blues by Flipron; Hip-Hop: Ramalama Bang Bang by Roisin Murphy
    FD Le Balcon by Gerard Presgurvic; Les Rois Du Monde by Gerard Presgurvic
    3rd at Juniors at US Nationals last year
    2nd in the SD at LPIDC in their section, score 44.60
    3rd in the FD at LPICD, scoring 66.20 in their section

    It's their international debut; you can find videos on them on Icenetwork, US Nationals, if you have a subscription.
    Here's a photo of them at LPIDC in their Zombies SD

    Holly MOORE and Daniel KLABER USA
    This is their junior debut, internationally. They are the US novice champions for 2012.
    They were 6th in their section at LPIDC in the FD with 59.22
    Coach & choreographer: A. Krylova, P. Camerlengo, E. Swallow, M. Scali
    SD Swing and Blues: Grease Medley
    FD Selection from Moulin Rouge soundtrack; Lady Marmalade, Sparkling Diamonds, and Come What May

    Their SD from LPIDC this year:

    And then there's the rest of the field, the dark horse of which is:

    Sofia SFORZA / Francesco FIORETTI ITA
    placed tenth at last year's junior World Championships, and who have the most international experience of this competition.
    They have not yet updated their ISU bio.
    Their best score ever was 116.25 at last year's World Junior championships, where they placed 10th.
    Their FD from last year's WJC:

    Laura ABTS and Maarten BUCKENS BEL
    They debuted on the JGP last year at JGP Milano.
    Their previous best total score is 70.08
    Their coaches and choreographers are Corey Lapaige, Kim Mathijs
    Their programs:
    SD Halo by Beyonce; Intergalactic by Beastie Boys
    FD Peppy and George (from The Artist soundtrack); George's Cafe lyrics performed by Hooverphonic (from The Artist soundtrack); Leatherheads by Randy Newman
    Their FD from JGP Milano

    Viktoria KAVALIOVA and Yurii BIELIAIEV BLR
    SD Summertime by Tim Gonzalez; Swing Music
    FD I Would Do Anything for Love by Meatloaf
    They are coached by Yurii's mother and Elena Kustarova's team. Their choreographers are J. Gorbatenkova, A. Tolstik
    Their debut on the JGP was 2009-2010 season.
    Their personal best total score is 111.34 at least years JGP Baltic. They were 19th at the World Junior Championships.
    Their FD at JGP Baltic

    Victoria HASEGAWA / Connor HASEGAWA CAN
    Blues: Harlem Nocturne by Earle Hagen, Dick Rogers
    Swing: Kiss Me Deadly by Brian Setzer Music Free Skating / Free Dance as of season2012/2013 Finding Satsu (from Memoirs of a Geisha) by John Williams
    The Chairman's Waltz (from Memoirs of a Geisha) by John Williams
    Becoming a Geisha (from Memoirs of a Geisha) by John Williams
    Strobe's Nanafushhi (Satori Mix), Lion by Kodo
    Mas score 118.45 at JGP Baltic in 2011
    FD 56.77 at LPIDC, 6th in their section
    5th at Canadian Junior championships

    JGP Baltic SD

    Victoria-Laura LOHMUS / Andrei DAVODOV EST
    Coach: Sergei Sychiov, Anna Mosenkova Choreographer: Anna Mosenkova, Sergei Sychiov

    SD Blues: Perry Mason Theme; Swing: Jumpin' Jack
    FD Hi de Ho (from the Mask soundtrack); This Business of Love (from the Mask soundtrack); Hey Pachuco (from the Mask soundtrack)
    Best total score 70.78 at Youth Olympic Games.
    JGP Baltic FD (They debuted on the JGP last year.

    Estelle ELIZABETH / Romain LE GAC FRA
    are coached by Zazoui and Haguenauer. They have not updated their ISU bio as yet. Their highest score was 111.87 at JGP Austria last year.
    Their SD from JGP Austria last year

    Valentina RUDCHENKO / Artur REGGIANI FRA
    They are coached by Zazoui & Haugenauer. Their bio has not been updated. Their highest previous international score was 91.71 at JGP Baltic

    Their last year's FD from JGP Baltic

    The above team is no longer listed on the start list

    Charlotte DYSON / Paul DREDGE GBR
    are new to the JGP and to each other.
    Their Coach: is Andrew Smykowski, and their Choreographer isSuzy Semanick-Schurmann. They placed 6th last year in Juniors at the British championships.

    SD Blues: Minnie the Moocher; Swing: Swing Set Music
    FD I'll Take Care of You by Joe Bonamassa; Beggin by Madcon
    Here's their tryout video:

    Coach: Galina Churilova, Mariana Kozlova and Choreographer: Larisa Fiodorova
    SD Blues: Come Together by Geirge Martin
    Swing: Dancing Full by Bobby Mc Ferrin Music Free Skating / Free Dance as of season2012/2013 Paxi Ni Ngongo - Don Juan musical soundtrack
    This is their debut on the JGP, and I have no videos of them.
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    For those wondering how close Papadakis & Cizeron were to the bronze at Junior Worlds:

    A&E were behind P&C after the SD. Y&M, the team chosen for JR Worlds instead of Z&S, was third after the SD, but dropped to 4th after the FD.
    3 Alexandra ALDRIDGE / Daniel EATON USA 141.14 5 3
    4 Anna YANOVSKAYA / Sergey MOZGOV RUS 140.63 3 4
    5 Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillaume CIZERON FRA 138.70 4 5

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    0 Not allowed! also has a preview, which includes some skater quotes.

    They also have Klaber & Moore doing a blog

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    Please, please let Papadakis/Cizeron win at Courchevel, they so deserve

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    USFSA has a very odd "typo" in their JGP Courchevel notes. The names of "Davis & White" pop up randomly at the beginning of the blurb about the US ice dance entries.

    Also weird (at least to me) is that the second page of their "Courchevel" notes actually seems to be a random inclusion of a page of notes pertaining to last year's JGP Final.

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    Very odd indeed.

    I like our previews better

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