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Considering the numerous epic meltdowns she's had in the past, her performances at Worlds were practically "clean" by Kostner standards. If you don't remember too well, look up her performances at the past two Olympics, or Worlds 2009 and 2010, or pretty much most competitions before Vancouver for that matter.
Yes: Kostner made three mistakes out of ten jumps (SP+FS), all the other jumps were landed perfectly! Yu-Na made no mistake and had a more difficult layout so she won; Mao, for example, made mistakes in five of her ten jumps (two footed 3A, UR 3F, popped Lo, step-out and two-footed 3A, UR and turn-out triple flip; if you consider her "e" you can say six mistakes), so, even if her layout was more difficult, the mistakes put her behind... Carolina didn't skate bad at all!