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My question is: while in one post-Euros interview he says he made a mistake on the jump and explicitly said it wasn't due to his injury and might have rushed the timing of the jump, you dismiss that. But when he said he lost feeling in his leg, all of a sudden what he says is now legit to you? Obviously the latter fits more in line with this paradigm that you and his ubers view him as, and thus you dismiss the probability of him making an error on the jump even when he himself admits it.
Come on, you use his "not injury related" interview to back your theory and you think that is the only explanation. If others use other interviews plus the fact that he replaced his spine disc after that competition are uber unreasonable argument?

The error from EURO2013 was apparently injury related mistake while the tripled quad and the 2S in Riga were mistakes which has nothing to do with his injury.

As for if Plushenko would make all kinds of mistakes in Sochi you hope nobody would attribute those to injury etc., you are putting words in other people's mouth, all right? You are actually insulting other fans' judgements on how to react on certain situation.