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2014 JGP Nagoya TV Cup Mens LP


Final Flight
Feb 10, 2014
The importance, score wise, of the 3A is quite significant.
If you have an exceptional 3A like Han Yan and Hanyu, they can score over 10 points each. so a solid 3A trumps a wobbly 4T.
If you have both a solid 3A and a good quad, you're in top medal contention.
I completely agree! Well maybe not "in top medal contention" (unless if you mean in GP events/smaller competitions), but surely top ~8 at worlds. Like I wouldn't call Max Aaron a top medal contender at Worlds, but I would at a typical/non-stacked GP event (not like SC and TEB last year with both Chan and Hanyu :eek:).

Once you have a good quad and a 3A, funnily enough, it goes back to the quality of your skating i.e. PCS (cough cough) and GOE. :yes:

The thing with PChan is that he has top notch basic skills... all of his jumps are excellent, no problem with the edges whatsoever... so the 3A is more of a mental problem than his skills. When he lands it, his 3A is really good.

I really have no idea if it's just the mental aspect or there's a physical aspect to 3A troubles, and I don't think we can ever know. He is brilliant at everything else but the axel is a different beast. That's why when he does land it, for me, I don't actually consider it really good (even though the judges sure lavish it with generous GOE). I mean, it's definitely better than what I see of Jin's, but I would call it "decent" more so than "really good". It's the apprehension and the way he kind of chucks himself into the air, it's never an easy jump for him, even if he does end up landing it.


Record Breaker
Aug 15, 2003
I think Shoma will eventually have the 3 axel. He is still so tiny and I don't think he is done growing yet so he will get much stronger as he get taller. How tall is he now? 5'1"? I am thinking he will be eventually around 5'4"-5'6".


Jul 19, 2014
I'm so glad Nicolas Nadeau skated well! Shaky of his landings but definitely deserved his fifth place finish! :agree:


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Sep 10, 2012
Just came back from holidays and just watched the videos, and I want to say a big :eek: to the performances of both the top two!! They were both a bit overscored in PCS: I know I've always said that Uno was underscored in PCS, but I actually don't like this program a lot, while almost 65 for Jin's DULL program was way too much, I still think that he deserves something around 55 even for a good performance. And, most of all, TWO QUADS for Shoma, the first one was really incredible, such a big improvement for him (I hope that he won't turn out as Lambiel #2 and that he will focus on learning his 3A, even if that's actually the path he's following; he has plenty of time to do that, though)