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2014 NHK Trophy Pairs Free Skate 11/28


Final Flight
Dec 30, 2010
I like Yu/Jin too! They have nice lines and solid skills. The girl is just like a ballerina! They have quite good chemistry too. I guess once they get noticed their PCS will go up.


Record Breaker
Jul 29, 2003
I echo that! Yu/Jin's free was especially excellent - my fav Chinese pair by far.

I love Yu/Jin. Probably my favourite pair competing at the moment. It's hard to tell from the TV screen, but I think they still need to work on power, and making that power look effortless. I get the sense they may be still a little slow compared to the top senior teams — particularly towards the end of the LP, where they definitely looked like they were running out of steam, culminating in the costly error on the spin. They need some work on conditioning. They have everything else. I'd love to hear from somebody who's seen them live about the speed/power thing.


Record Breaker
Oct 30, 2012
I love Yu/Jin's program and the music, but the music might be too slow for half of the program, thus their powerless-looing skating? I think as long as they keep their jumps consistent, they will have a bright future. They are young enough to stay in competition for 2 more Olympics.


Feb 15, 2008
I must say, I have not been a fan of K/S, but I warmed to them after their spectacular Claire de Lune LP from couple of seasons ago. This season LP captured me as well! I love the drama and I am impressed how much they improved on Twist, on lines and on costuming as well.

Yu/Jin are charming and I am soooo looking forward to their further development (even now they catch my attention). The other young chinese pair - Xuehan and Lei captivate me as well. I think that despite young age both pairs look quite mature, they just need polish and a bit more 'personality' on ice.