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2014 NHK Trophy Pairs Short Program 11/28


Record Breaker
Feb 26, 2014
I think Joanne is doing a general good job commentating. She's very knowledgeable & not PC - she points out errors and flaws in skates so that viewers less knowledgeable will know why there were deductions/downgrades.

That's fine. As long as you comment on the technical parts, or SS, CH, TR, is great.
IMO though, interpretation and performance should be left to the viewers, as much as possible, to form their own opinions and let the viewers free hand, so to speak, in that aspect.
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Final Flight
Dec 30, 2010
IMO the third and fourth should have a bigger gap. The Chinese pair definitely was much better than the score shows.
What a strong skate for Meagan and Eric! I don't like the big difference in height, but now it seems they have find a way to make it work. Nice job! They are just superb technically.
I really wish K/S can have a breakthrough season but they have some work to do. Don't think they can make it for the next olympic but maybe a medal at World of different colour.
OK, go go go everybody!