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2024 World Junior Championships Pairs Short Program


Final Flight
Mar 29, 2012
There was a family who was quite enthusiastic in cheering Olivia and Luke, and I now realize it is probably Olivia’s family as she is now sitting with them behind me. The seats are quite far from the ice, and everyone in our section cheered when the little girl successfully threw her stuffie to the ice earlier on in the competition.


Record Breaker
Mar 7, 2015
mmm... interesting.. marly have a small bronze medal... not something I expected after their SP.. but yeah... a couple teams have mishaps and that's it.

The Ukrainians needed to skate clean.... with doubles, you cannot mess up

Diana Delafield

Frequent flyer
Oct 22, 2022
The rink announcer kept saying every pair was from the US in the last group (in Mandarin) but she corrected herself. She must have gotten her notes confused. It was kind of funny.

Both American pairs were really noticeable in their ability to perform to the cheap seats. All the tiny women's pairs skaters are so brave. I'm scared for them. They seem calm.
They *are* calm, as much as any skater can be in a big competition anyway. Been there, done that. If the girl is afraid of the pairs moves, she doesn't last long enough in the discipline to reach that level of competition. Pairs girls had a saying in my day: Chickens don't fly.


Dec 5, 2015
The Georgians are in their own competition. Amazing but wow that music was horrible in person. Among the other teams, I was impressed by the performance ability of the two top US teams. The basic skating of the top two Canadians and Ivan from the Ukrainian pair. He's incredible. His edges really stood out to me.