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2014 Skate America photo galleries

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Feb 27, 2012
2014 Skate America photo galleries

123 photos from Skate America are on the Chicago Tribune website:
The gallery features competitors from a variety of countries from all disciplines. Many of the photos are terrific.
The the collection is in the spirit of "the thrill of victory ... and the agony of defeat" (in other words, some of the photos capture falls).

So far, 39 photos are in ISU Figure Skating's Skate America album on Facebook.
I believe all of these are from SPs and SDs. Hope that they will be adding more from FS and FD programs.

Not saying that these photos are the only ones out there, of course. Just thought these links were worth sharing. IN has photos from each segment of the competition. No doubt ice-dance.com has lots of the dancers.

Hope others will share more photos in this thread. :) :popcorn: