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2014 Trophée Eric Bompard Pairs FS 11/22


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Jul 22, 2009
Stopping in to say I hope that Kirsten More Towers is thinking long term. I agree she appeared stricken and disappointed with her outcomes in the GP, especially regarding some bizarre errors from her partner, such as the toe pick in the death spiral at SC, and forgetting the exit turn in a long program lift at TEB. She herself made a somewhat inexplicable mistake of opening very early on a throw. Most new teams take awhile to gel, but many new teams don't have coaches saying the sort of things her coach said prior to TEB, in this article:


This season, Wirtz has shifted his attention to a new pairs team comprised of Moore-Towers and her latest partner, Michael Marinaro.

"Obviously, the past is great to look at. But the future with these two 22-year-olds is amazing," says Wirtz, 44. "They are spectacular. They are going to be the hype. They've got it all."

Moore-Towers and Marinaro are poised for a possible podium finish at this weekend's international event in Bordeaux, France, the Trophee Eric Bompard, Wirtz says.

This hype from Wirtz did them no favors. He set up expectations by emphasizing their youth, tying their ages into the splash he expected them to make. Naturally, folks will then think the GP results must be disappointing and the pairing a disappointment.

Of course I don't know if his views are shared by the team, but if the coach is going to hype them up, why shouldn't the audience have expectations?
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