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2017 GP Skate Canada Ladies FS


Nov 24, 2006
Long-time U.S. commentator Dick Button once described Angela Nikodinov's skating as a "refrigerator break" -- that is. it was so boring he didn't want to watch it. Button was roundly criticized for being cruel to a hard-working and talented skater.

On the other hand, the next season Nikodinov came out like gangbusters with much improved presentation. She always had the best classic layback among US skaters of that era.

I didn't think Button was being cruel. He knew she had way more potential than what she was putting out. And also, Nikodinov was skating a very realistic interpretation of The Mummy. Her skating had as much life to it as a mummy. And yes, she came back the next season like a different skater in her presentation. She still continued to double out after an error though, and because of that I never really was much of a fan of hers.


Jul 19, 2017
I thought that this technical panel was very unfair. They were calling UR’s on jumps that I thought were fairly clean. For example, on Rika’s 3Lz, they called a UR but it wasn’t even on the quarter mark, she rotated it 100%. (no edge call though). I didn’t think that Masha’s first 3lz was UR, but once again it was called. This technical panel was calling UR’s off the quarter mark. Tbh I thought Kaetlyn’s 3S was clearly UR, but no UR call 🙃. Most of the calls were fair but a good 40% of them were a little off.