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2018 JGP Canada Pairs Free Skate


Final Flight
Jan 1, 2007
Round 3 and a Russian sweep again. M/G have upped the performance element since round 1. Today was much improved, they are a very strong team, interesting to see where they place in Russian senior nationals. They would be competitive on the Senior GP.

P/R have many amazing qualities but the jumps are an issue, they are losing a lot of points to their rivals.She was really upset on the podium, she is a determined competitor. Very good GOE on lifts and throws.

K/S had a rough skate but clung on to the podium. I hardly recognized her, she has grown a lot maybe to much for him. He seemed a bit cold towards her at the end. We have seen 7 Russian Pairs on the JGP and they are the only ones not to break 100, it’s going to be tough for them moving forward in a crowded field