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2021 JGP Austria: Men's Free Skate


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Jan 9, 2014
Ilia is winning this decisively.

Some excellent jumps there, some super wonky landings. Ted is pointing out well that he did a nice job of remaining calm and focused, which will be a great lesson for him looking towards the final.


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Nov 30, 2016
If the JGPF had been based on combined scores, the top six would be:
Gleb Lutfullin230.42231.26461.68
Ilia Malinin214.64245.35459.99
Ilya Yablokov207.39231.99439.38
Artem Kovalev212.32221.51433.83
Kirill Sarnovskiy215.96216.7432.66
Egor Rukhin223.29202.28425.57
With Wesley Chiu as the 1st alternate

If the JGPF had been done in the usual method, the top six would be:
Gleb Lutfullin151530
Ilia Malinin151530
Ilya Yablokov131528
Kirill Sarnovskiy151126
Wesley Chiu151126
Arlet Levandi131326
With Rukhin as the 1st alt.


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Nov 4, 2010
I watched Ilia with the sound down accidently and it looked like he was just flying from jump to jump it scared me. LOL He just needs to not want it so much he screws up on jumps he can do in his sleep.


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Feb 22, 2014
OK, I did in fact wake up early...at 6:30am half an hour too late! Rude! So I went back to sleep and now here I am preparing myself to watch the top 3 boys.

Although I caught the end of Nikolai from Italy and wow talk about legs for days! He's got the longest legs I've ever seen! And he said "Ciao Ted!" I hope it was our Ted! 🤗

OMG, Kirill, my nerves!

Poor Kirill was also super nervous it seems! But unlike me who would sort of just die, he converted it into a wonderful program! Not as good as his first JGP, but I love his work! And I'm fascinated by his 3A technique! I've never seen that sort of entry before. And awwww happy coaches 🥰

Here comes Artem K...lots of pressure here! He gets his 4T, but not the 4S! I wonder what score he needs to get to come 2nd but still get in...Yaass step sequence time! (Someone from Japan...please teach the Russians how to clap.in time :p)

Ah thanks for giving me the number he needs to get Ted... except I totally forgot it the second you said it..I think it was 233 or something. Oh wait 223! Ooo here it comes...and noooo he falls just short! Can he still win? Or will Ilia take him down.

Ilia messes his 4T a bit, but gets the 4S! I can't say I'm feeling this music, but Ilia is. And wow that TES! Huge score!

I am sad for Artem :( at least he gets a silver medal! The medals are very nice here :)

And a bronze for Kirill! :cheer: personal fave ☺️ I really do love his programs this year!

Skips ahead to the medal ceremony, aww Kirill forgot his bouquet at first. :laugh:

I wonder if Artem knows he just missed out? I think maybe he does. Poor Artem.

That's a nice way to present the flags.

There's no second verse in the US anthem, is there? (The Aussie anthem has five verses, but we only ever do 1 or 2 in a pinch ;) )

Photo time! Flag confusion! Plushy instructing some dude on how to use his phone :laugh2: This is fun!

Well that was fun! But I better get a move on I have to buy food for lunch with Grandma, but I still need to see how Sofia M and Nastya Z went!


On the Ice
Feb 10, 2014
Is the total scores not taken into account?
Egor RUKHIN: 223.29 JGP Krasnoyarsk + 202.28 JGP Baltic Cup = 425.57p
Artem KOVALEV: 212.32 JGP Krasnoyarsk + 221.51 JGP Linz = 433.84p


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Feb 22, 2014
American anthem has 4 verses. Some of the later verses are very outdated as they were written about the War of 1812.

Much like the Aussie anthem, the fifth or fourth verse is just straight up racist, we don't sing that one anymore!

Is the total scores not taken into account
Unfortunately for Artem no, only the results of the event he finished second in - because the gold medallists only needed to win one event to get in. So I guess it would be unfair to use the results from 2 events for the silver medallist.