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2022 European Championships: Pairs Short Program


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Feb 22, 2014
OK here to watch some pairs...

And it starts half way through Group 2 or something...

Better check the Opening Ceremony stream to see if it's there...

Nope...how rude.

I guess I'll have to try the new VPN that my password manager has.

OK I got it going.

NGL I'm scared for T/M :( what if they end up off the podium? Is there any hope for them to get a medal at the Olympics then?

Guess I'll worry about that later.

The Finns start us off! Apart from the fall they were pretty good!

Hey You! It's the British pair ;) Ghost with vocals is a no, but all in all a good program.

The Dutch now, they seem to have a fanclub here :)

Uhoh... terrible cover and terrible skate! :( The crowd is being super supportive, I hope that makes them feel better. What a disaster though!

And we're already onto Group 2!

Wow check out the Kovalevs! Very eye-catching costumes there.

Fedor-cam! 🥰

The Germans - love unitards and matching costumes. Nice.

I'm a bit distracted because my parents are talking at me :p they go into 2nd though.

The Croatians - coached by Fedor 😍

Oh dear fall on the jumps. Twist good! 2nd lift messy :( I'm enjoying their music though! Antonio gives me Robin S vibes though!

Into 1st!

The Kovalevs! Go you Frenchies! This music is so bad it's good! Despite the fall that was very enjoyable.

Ha ha Simon's comment on their chemistry.

They get first place and the first Q! :biggrin:

And now it's time for the ice resurface which is good because my parents and I are going to my Aunt and Uncle's for dinner, so I best be off.

See you either for the rest of the pairs or for the ladies.


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Oct 25, 2012
11 Coline KERIVEN / Noel-Antoine PIERRE FRA

Music: Corsica by Petru Guelfucci

Love that one person in the audience came specially prepared for this programme.

While Coline and Noel-Antoine were taking their bows after they finished, they showed a shot of a couple holding up a French flag. Nothing strange there.

But, the significant thing is that person beside them was holding up a Corsican flag.

Nice touch! ;)



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Feb 22, 2014
Right finally catching up on the pairs here.

Group 3

Bogdana and Alexander - Nice program, loving the costumes! Although the music reminds me of an 80s cop show for some reason. :laugh:

Into first with the "Q"!

Jelizaveta and Martin - At first I wasn't sure about the music, but then I started enjoying it! They've got some great elements.

Simon is doubtful...but I'm sure they'll get the "Q"!

And they do!

Big spender alert for Maria and Balazs and Simon I know you're a Brit but don't be a butt to this team. Just cause they're new doesn't mean they can't get that Q!

Balasz's vest is amazing, I kinda want it :laugh:

And they get that "Q"!

Group 4

Sofia and Artem - Bit of a scary twist! I thought he might miss catching her!

Oops looks like something went wrong after the death spiral. But the throw was good.

SBS spins are clearly the work of the devil :p
I'll watch everything at Olys, might have to take time off, though.
:ot: Looking at those times maybe I should to! But I probably can't having just taken like 3 weeks holiday... Whoops...

Looking at it it seems the US insisted on the men's single events be at US friendly times... Maybe I can swing a couple of days off, I'd hate to miss posting with you guys!

Coline and Noel-Antoine (Did the in-rink amnouncer say one of his interests was champagne? If so :laugh2: ) Love the costumes!

I wonder if they'll beat their compatriots here?

They don't! And may miss out on the "Q" altogether!

Sara and Nicollo - Liza Tuk music! It looks lovely it's good luck for the Italians. Very nice step sequence!

Despite the double twist they get that "Q"!

Laura and Marco - Marco's one tall lad! Let's see what they can do.

Excellent twist! Wonky SBS jumps, but what a save on that throw!

Eek! Marco trips and falls on the step sequence! But Laura forgives him quickly.

Despite the fall they get first! Nicely done guys!

Group 5

Hey Georgians! Cool!

I figured Ioulia's last name would have Simon shaking in his boots, but nope he just goes for it :laugh:

Awww, Mark Jnr, cute!

Nice to see two German pairs. (Apparently there's 3, the dangers of spreading your viewing over 2 days I guess!)

The Georgians start us off and what in God's name is this music?! Emo Beethoven is better 😱

What a triple twist though!

What's with the Base on the Death Spiral? :scratch2:

Ioulia and Mark - Man those side by side jumps are being a pain this event!

Nice to see the throws are being saved and some good twists.

Hot pants are definitely a costume choice :laugh:

Mark Jnr gets a cameo d'awwwww

Into second.

Minerva Fabienne and Nolan - Almost came to grief on the triple twist, but the jumps were successful!

Then Simon jinxed them. Damn you Simon :p

That fall looked heavy indeed, but pairs ladies are made of tough stuff. Minerva Fabienne bounced back like a boss.

Annika and Robert - ABBA Hell yeah!! :rock: Although I agree the sequins are lacking.

This is a super fun program though! Fall and all. They conquer the SBS spins!

But 9th? Harsh!

And I'll have to leave Group 6 to tomorrow, Rhythm Dance is on! See you over there!