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2023-24 Russian Ice Dance


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May 27, 2021
Some statistics to end the season

Couples competed in senior RGP series in both 2022/23 and 2023/24 seasons
1. Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva/Egor Bazin
2. Elizaveta Shanaeva/Pavel Drozd
3. Ekaterina Mironova/Evgeni Ustenko
4. Varvara Zhdanova/Timur Babaev-Smirnov
5. Aleksandra Prokopets/Aleksandr Vaskovich
6. Polina Usova/Mikhail Antonov
7. Ekaterina Khrabrykh/Miron Suslov
8. Alisa Krainyukova/Semion Netsev
9. Yana Trubinova/Vladislav Shevnin

Couples competed only in 2022/23
1. Annabelle Morozov/Devid Narizhny (split)
2. Sofia Tyutyunina/Andrei Bagin (split)
3. Vasilisa Kaganovskaia/Valeri Angelopol (split)
4. Irina Khavronina/Dario Cirisano (split)
5. Elizaveta Pasechnik/Maksim Nekrasov (split)
6. Aleksandra Kravchenko/Aleksandr Shustitskiy (split)
7. Yana Matveishina/Timofei Subbotin (injury)
8. Elizaveta Kirillova/Mark Chegodaev (split)
9. Vlada Pavlenina/Aleksandr Aleksanyan (retired)
10. Aleksandra Butorina/Nikita Sborik (split)
11 Sofia Kartashova/Ilya Karpov (split)

Couples competed only in 2023/24
1. Aleksandra Stepanova/Ivan Bukin (comeback)
2. Irina Khavronina/Devid Narizhny (new team)
3. Sofia Leontieva/Daniil Gorelkin (moved up from juniors)
4. Sofia Shevchenko/Andrei Ezhlov (new team+comeback)
5. Daria Savkina/Aleksandr Vakhnov (new team+comeback)
6. Sofia Tyutyunina/Matvei Grachev (new team)
7. Varvara Kurnosenko/Fedor Varlamov (moved up from juniors)
8. Ksenia Krausova/Daniil Korochkin (moved up from juniors)
9. Elizaveta Kirillova/Ilya Karpov (new team)
10. Daria Lunina/Andrei Akulov (moved up from juniors)
11. Uliana Ermakova/Artem Krylov (moved up from juniors)
12. Olga Fedorova/Pavel Drako (new team)

Couples expected to compete in 2024/25
1. Vasilisa Kaganovskaia/Maksim Nekrasov (new team)
2. Elizaveta Pasechnik/Dario Cirisano (new team)
3. Aleksandra Shinkarenko/Valeri Angelopol (new team)
4. Ekaterina Rybakova/Ivan Makhnonosov (aged out of juniors)
5. Anna Kolomenskaya/Artem Frolov (aged out of juniors)
6. Anna Shcherbakova/Egor Goncharov (planning to move up from juniors)
7. Taisia Linchevskaia/Dmitri Shcherbakov (aged out of juniors, started competing in seniors right after junior nationals)
8. Milana Kuzmina/Dmitri Studenikin (aged out of juniors)
9. Yulia Churkina/Boris Frolov (aged out of juniors)
(probably more skaters aged out but I only counted the ones who performed at junior nationals since most of them will stay together)

It should be mentioned that there were very few ice dance couples in 2022/23 season so all existing senior couples took part in the RGP. In 2023/24 season many didn't get a spot.
The field is getting deeper and deeper. Of course it won't be without splits, but overall the number of senior dancers is getting bigger. I think this season was the last time a couple not from Moscow or St Petersburg made it to the senior nats. I also think the federation must return 6 stages, there will surely be enough couples. And this year, too, there weren't enough spots. In my opinion, the fact that decent Ermakova/Krylov got only one stage is a crime.
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May 27, 2021
This is likely mean they won't be on the national team. I wonder who gets the spot then.

Tyutyunina/Grachev: 7th at nationals (if still exist)
Zhdanova/Babaev-Smirnov: 8th at nationals (if Tyutyunina/Grachev split as well)
Shevchenko/Ezhlov: 6th at Spartakiad
Rybakova/Makhnonosov: 1st at junior nationals