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2023 European Championships Men's Free Skate


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Jan 17, 2022
This is such a good podium, my god. :love2: I feel sorry for Kevin and Deniss, who didn't manage to deliver what they set out to do tonight, but I cannot help but be extremely happy for the medalists, especially for our surprise Bronze-medalist Lukas who just came back from a broken collar bone.:clap:


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Nov 30, 2016
I ask because they showed Denis in the 3rd place chair when they showed Kevin crying.
Kevin was crying after Matteo's skate, right? He would have been in the 2nd place chair at that point: Lukas in 1st (because Matteo wasn't in the chairs yet), then Kevin, then Deniss in 3rd.


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Nov 23, 2015
figure skating ends here for me tonight. one of my children medaled i couldn't ask for more :love2: see youtomorrow! love you all! 😘
I envy some of you who for example after European pairs were able to watch also US pairs yesterday, especially for us from Europe.
I am so emotionally drained (aka drunk) after day in work and Europeans free skate that I am going right to the bed.
US Nationals only from replays. So what :shrug: