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2023 Finlandia Trophy: General Info


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Jun 21, 2003
The 2023 Finlandia Trophy is the fifth in a series of nine events of the 2023-24 Figure Skating Challenger Series and is scheduled to take place in Espoo, Finland, Oct 4-8, 2023. There were originally 10 events planned for this season, however, IceChallenge was cancelled.

The event will feature all four figure skating disciplines (Men, Women, Ice Dance, and Pairs) and will be conducted in accordance with the 2022 ISU Constitution and General Regulations, the ISU Special Regulations & Technical Rules for Single & Pair Skating, the Technical Rules for Ice Dance 2023/24 (ISU Communication 2560), and relevant ISU Communications.

The event will count towards ISU World Standing Points, Minimum Total Technical Score, Challenger Series in Figure Skating Ranking and Prize Money.

The Challenger Series is an International Figure Skating Series, introduced during the 2014-15 season. Through ISU support, the objective is to ensure the proper and consistent organization and conduct of up to 10 International Competitions linked together within the Challenger Series. The Series gives adequate opportunities for many skaters to compete at the international senior level and earn World Standing Points. The Series also increases the opportunity for Officials to officiate at an international level.

To be considered for the Challenger Series, the competition must have at least three disciplines (Men, Women, Pair Skating, Ice Dance) from a minimum of 10 different ISU Members in all disciplines combined.
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Jan 29, 2007
Finland has named some skaters:

Women: Nella Pelkonen, Oona Ounasvuori and two TBD spots
Men: Makar Suntsev and one TBD spot
Pairs: Milania Väänänen&Philippo Clerici
ID: Turkkila/Versluis and Okihara/Pirinen

An opportunity for sinble skaters will be organized on September 6. The rest of the skaters will be named after this.

If you are asking for reason, at sommer competition were only three women skaters, but Janna did not skate the free. Oona and Nella finished it. Makar was the only one who skated in senior men. So these selections are based on that competition.


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Jan 29, 2007
I am still wondering if to go to place after seeing the list of participants. But the women are so late at Sunday, and I cannot take Monday free or don't like to drive at night, or don't make it to last train. I might be able to organize Friday free by organizing jobs. But there are so many I would like to see live :drama:. I hate Finlands fed have to put synchro in everything, without it the schedule would be more sensible for us who don't live nearby. I don't care to watch syncrhro live. But, there are lot of audience just then, so they want to keep it at prime time.

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Jul 11, 2018
What a great line-up in men's. Kyrylo, Italian Nik, Roman, Nikita, both Selevkos, Arlet, Andreas, and Lukas. :drama:


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Dec 5, 2007
Removed today on the start list Roman Sadovsky (CAN) and Holly Harris & Jason Chan (AUS). Harris/Chan are invited to Shanghai Trophy according to ISA international assignments page, which ends just a day before Finlandia. Also removed on ISA international assignments page is Charlton Doherty (AUS).

Added today Diana Davis & Gleb Smolkin (GEO).
Jul 30, 2012
ISU CS Finlandia Trophy 2023
Espoo / FIN
In order of Personal best, * unofficial best.

No. Name Nation Score
1 Kao MIURA JPN 281.53
2 Shun SATO JPN 264.99
3 Lukas BRITSCHGI SUI 257.34
4 Aleksandr SELEVKO EST 238.42
5 Mihhail SELEVKO EST 234.72
6 Nikolaj MEMOLA ITA 231.47
7 Andreas NORDEBACK SWE 229.88
8 Georgii RESHTENKO CZE 224.48
9 Liam KAPEIKIS USA 223.02
10 Arlet LEVANDI EST 222.61
11 Nikita STAROSTIN GER 217.87
12 Davide LEWTON BRAIN MON 203.16
13 Younghyun CHA KOR 199.18
14 Kyrylo MARSAK UKR 191.65
15 Makar SUNTSEV FIN 189.03
16 Gabriel BLUMENTHAL CAN 188.15*
17 Denis GURDZHI GER 178.54
18 Arttu JUUSOLA FIN 159.58
WD Roman SADOVSKY CAN 253.80
WD Sihyeong LEE KOR 242.62
WD Charlton DOHERTY AUS 137.75

No. Name Nation Score
1 Mai MIHARA JPN 218.03
2 Yelim KIM KOR 213.97
3 Rinka WATANABE JPN 213.14
4 Anastasiia GUBANOVA GEO 203.91
5 Seoyeong WI KOR 193.30
6 Alexia PAGANINI SUI 192.88
7 Ava Marie ZIEGLER USA 186.76
8 Emmi PELTONEN FIN 181.79
9 Josefin TALJEGARD SWE 178.10
10 Janna JYRKINEN FIN 176.96
11 Anna PEZZETTA ITA 174.49
12 Kristina ISAEV GER 163.79
13 Oona OUNASVUORI FIN 162.68
14 Tzu-Han TING TPE 162.42
15 Kristina LISOVSKAJA EST 157.08
16 Nella PELKONEN FIN 153.98
17 Nataly LANGERBAUR EST 152.54
18 Fiona BOMBARDIER CAN 151.82*
19 Angelina KUCHVALSKA LAT 150.86
20 Mia RISA GOMEZ NOR 138.43
21 Antonina DUBININA SRB 134.58
22 Linnea KILSAND NOR 128.43
WD Lindsay VAN ZUNDERT NED 175.81
WD Tara PRASAD IND 133.15

No. Name Nation Score
1 Maria PAVLOVA / Alexei SVIATCHENKO HUN 190.67
2 Rebecca GHILARDI / Filippo AMBROSINI ITA 189.74
3 Brooke MCINTOSH / Benjamin MIMAR CAN 181.95
4 Camille KOVALEV / Pavel KOVALEV FRA 179.85
5 Ellie KAM / Danny O'SHEA USA 178.83
6 Letizia ROSCHER / Luis SCHUSTER GER 170.65
7 Chelsea LIU / Balazs NAGY USA 165.20
8 Irma CALDARA / Riccardo MAGLIO ITA 164.23
9 Milania VAANANEN / Filippo CLERICI FIN 151.50
10 Isabella GAMEZ / Aleksandr KOROVIN PHI 147.07
11 Oceane PIEGAD / Denys STREKALIN FRA 144.71
12 Barbora KUCIANOVA / Martin BIDAR CZE 142.65
WD Sophia SCHALLER / Livio MAYR AUT 132.96

Ice Dance
No. Name Nation Score
1 Laurence FOURNIER BEAUDRY / Nikolaj SOERENSEN CAN 214.08
2 Juulia TURKKILA / Matthias VERSLUIS FIN 198.21
3 Christina CARREIRA / Anthony PONOMARENKO USA 191.55
4 Yuka ORIHARA / Juho PIRINEN FIN 176.77
5 Oona BROWN / Gage BROWN USA 173.74
6 Marie DUPAYAGE / Thomas NABAIS FRA 173.15
7 Olivia SMART / Tim DIECK ESP 169.11
8 Lily HENSEN / Nathan LICKERS CAN 155.30
9 Olexandra BORYSOVA / Aaron FREEMAN POL 112.87
WD Diana DAVIS / Gleb SMOLKIN GEO 199.90
WD Holly HARRIS / Jason CHAN AUS 170.20


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Jan 29, 2007
Women skate starting 15.55 on Sunday. I cannot make it :confused:. Must be at office on Sunday and last train to get home at sensible time leaves station at 17.20. There is still one train after that, but it would be over midnight to get home and still should skip the last group of women to be at station in time. I once asked why they finish so late because we who don't live near cannot make it to our last trains. I didn't buy Sunday ticket just because of less than 10 ID pairs. The answer was the amount of skaters and the time they need for practice at Sunday morning. This is my own thought_ As there are also special Olympics first at Sunday and synchro SP on Saturday evening, there is not enough time. I think it is ok to have special Olympics and the skaters deserve that opportunity, but I would put synchro last on Sunday and change RD to Friday, FD to Saturday so women could start earlier on Sunday. Most of the people who come to see synchro are, IMO, other synchro skaters and their families and teams are mostly from southern Finland so this could be a sensible change. But I will on place Friday and Saturday and watch women live through TV (local only in Finland internet channel which I ordered last year) and ID if I get home, it will be close.