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2023 JGP PGE Solidarity Cup Men's Free Skate


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Feb 22, 2014
I'm so sad for this guy :( Whose name I didn't get.

I mean it's nice the crowd is there for him, but yeah they shouldn't encourage him :( I'm very worried about his ankle. I hope he hasn't broken it!

Oh dear and he already has a back injury? So concerning!

Reminds me of poor Alexei K a few years back...oh that was just awful, I screamed out loud and fortunately he did withdraw.


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Mar 7, 2015
yeah in this case he looked quite injured.... yesterday, a young pairs team fell 5 times but they looked healthy... just didn't have a good day :) I could argue that it's tough to impose a limit on falling... but seeing him hurt after the first axel... that should require a stop.... even if the referee were to just stop him and ask him if he is able to skate etc... and then they can restart the music if ever.. at least in juniors.