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2023 Russian Nationals Women's Short Program


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Jan 10, 2014
That was a weird combo of songs. But Maria had fun ☺️

I'm sleepy but nervous 😬 I could never skate last!
What a weird combo of Control and Time of my life from Dirty dancing. Other than both mid 80s hits whose idea was it to combine them? Her costume didn’t make sense either. But she was delightful.


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Dec 22, 2022
If you look at the recent GP final anything can happen of course.

Akatieva did blow up in the SP in her first GP appearance, then blew up and threw away in the FS of her second appearance when it was even with Tuktamysheva and Muravieva after the SP. Akateva came away with bronze. A clean free skate for her this time and victory is certain.

I still don't understand why Kamila and/or Eteri went for the 3A. The SP program isn't designed for a 3A to be inserted because if she doesn't land the axel cleanly she can't do the leg extension and squat straight after the jump. It's not a jump made in isolation. The whole sequence in ruined. Even Kamila at her peak was maybe a 50% chance of landing the 3A cleanly. Now it's probably 20%.

Given she hasn't made an error on non-ultra c jumps all season, she was virtually guaranteed a score of 81-82 if she used the 2A.

Kamila made a comment after about not usually jumping the 3A, so I think the coaches pushed this. It was an enormous miscalculation. Akateva was never going to score more than 87.

She's not really in a position to attempt a 3A in the free skate now because the free program doesn't give her an opportunity to build up speed to execute a 3A, unlike in the SP.

It would have been far better to plan the same content as she attempted in Kazan, then build towards the GP final in March. If Akatieva or Petrosian are perfect then so be it. Petrosian already made an error on a simple triple (which Kamila never does).
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Jan 10, 2014
Can anyone please explain to me what happened to Alisa? She competed as a senior last season at nationals but wasn’t here today.


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Jan 17, 2022
Sure did. She's an European champion and if not for covid, probably would have been a World Champion. And she wants to continue. So we will see.
For her level of talent and the number of injuries she received, it honestly didn't work out well, in my opinion.

No, she would most likely not have been World Champion. I know this is a very popular opinion in the fandom and I myself thought so for a long time, but I think it's important to note that Aliona herself is not of the same opinion. If I remember correctly, Aliona even talked about how she was contemplating withdrawing from Worlds in the days before it was canceled due to the state of her back injury, who knows in which condition she would have been in if she even had decided to compete.

I admire Aliona's tenacity and her love for the sport, but it's going to be hard for her to return to a shape where she's competitive with the other skaters in Russia and we don't know when Russian skaters will be able to return to international competitions where she might have an edge on receiving assignments over some of the other Russians because she's an internationally highly ranked skater (i.e. could be chosen for GP spots). By the time they might be allowed to return, that advantage might be gone and she'll have to fight for even Challenger or Senior-B assignments.
I wish her lots of luck and success, but realistically, I don't see it being easy at all for her.