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2024 U.S. Nationals Senior Women's Free Skate


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
2024 Toyota U.S. Figure Skating Championships

Nationwide Arena
200 W Nationwide Blvd
Columbus, OH 43215

Senior Women's Free Skate
Friday, 26 January 2024
7:45 p.m. EST (UTC -5)

Time in Other Places

StN.NameShort Program
1Alex Evans, SC of New York1847.90
2Lindsay Wang, Los Angeles FSC1749.42
3Wren Warne-Jacobsen, Go4Gold Shakopee Skating Academy1650.07
4Brooke Gewalt, Wagon Wheel FSC1554.56
5Michelle Lee, Broadmoor SC1455.23
6Katie Shen, Glacier Falls FSC1356.87
7Sonja Hilmer, Centennial SC1257.16
8Elyce Lin-Gracey, Pasadena FSC1158.25
9Mia Kalin, St. Moritz ISC1059.71
10Starr Andrews, Los Angeles FSC960.35
11Soho Lee, Glacier Falls FSC861.92
12Audrey Shin, SC of New York762.79
13Sarah Everhardt, Washington FSC663.21
14Josephine Lee, All Year FSC565.28
15Lindsay Thorngren, SC of New York465.33
16Clare Seo, Broadmoor SC367.41
17Amber Glenn, Dallas FSC274.98
18Isabeau Levito, SC Of Southern New Jersey175.38

Senior Ladies' Entries

1Starr Andrews
SP: "Alien Superstar" by Beyoncé
FS: "Being Good Isn't Good Enough" (from Hallelujah, Baby!); choreo by Derrick Delmore, Adam Rippon:

Fan Fest: https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/threads/68607
4th 2023 U.S. Championships
2Alex Evans
SP: "Black and Gold" by Brenna Whitaker
FS: "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak; "Look What You Made Me Do" by Taylor Swift
2nd Eastern Senior Sectionals
3Sarah Everhardt
SP: "I’ll Take Care of You" by Beth Hart, Joe Bonamassa
FS: "Winter" from Four Seasons, Concerto No. 4 in F Minor by Antonio Vivaldi, London Philharmonic Orchestra and Itzhak Perlman; choreo by Nadezhda Kanaeva
1st Eastern Senior Sectionals
Brooke Gewalt
SP: "Dat's Love" by Muriel Smith from Carmen Jones soundtrack
FS: "I Will Wait For You" by Michel LeGrand; choreo by Rohene Ward
5th Midwestern Senior Sectionals
Added 1/17
5Amber Glenn
SP: "Heads Will Roll" by Elephant Music, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
FS: "Exogenesis: Symphony: Part 3 Redemption" by Muse; choreo by Katherine Hill, Kaitlyn Weaver

Fan Fest: https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/threads/78739
3rd 2023 U.S. Championships
6Sonja Hilmer
SP: “Clubbed to Death” from The Matrix Soundtrack by Rob Dougan
FS: Themes from Avatar: The Last Airbender [animated TV series] by The Track Team and Samuel KimS; choreo by Sonja Hilmer
3rd Midwest Senior Sectionals
7Mia Kalin
SP: "Rain, In Your Black Eyes" by Ezio Bosso
FS: "Carmen" by Georges Bizet; choreo by Evgenyia Chernyshova

Fan Fest: https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/threads/96060
3rd Pacific Senior Sectionals
8Josephine Lee
SP: "I Love Paris" by Zaz; choreo. by Cindy Stuart
FS: "Poeta En El Viento" by Vicente Amigo

5th 2023 U.S. Championships
9Michelle Lee
SP: “Asturias” by Marcin Patrzalek
FS: “Hours” and “Twilight Saga”
(Philip Glass and Alexandra Patsavas); choreo by Logan Giulietti-Schmitt, Ilona Melnichenko
4th Midwest Senior Sectionals
10Soho Lee
SP: "Nocturne by F. Chopin perf. by Arthur Rubinstein
FS: Nutcracker by P. I. Tchaikovsky perf. by Kirov Orchestra; choreo by Derrick Delmore

Fan Fest: https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/threads/94969
4th Pacific Senior Sectionals
11Isabeau Levito
SP: "Yearning" by Raul Fernando
FS: "The White Crow" soundtrack by Lisa Batiashvili; choreo by Yulia Kuznetsova

Fan Fest: https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/threads/88842
1st 2023 U.S. Championships
12Elyce Lin-Gracey
SP: "Someone Like You" from the Jekyll & Hyde soundtrack
FS: “Anna’s Theme” from The Red Violin; “Not About Angels” by Birdy; “Remember Me“ by Thomas Bergersen
2 JGP, 1 Challenger
13Clare Seo
SP: "Simple Gifts" by Yo-Yo-Ma, Alison Krause; "Appalachian Spring: VII. Doppio Movimento" by Leonard Bernstein, New York Philharmonic Orchestra
FS: "Libertango" by Astor Piazzolla, Layers Classic and Sangji Koh; "Oblivion" by Astor Piazzolla, Layers Classic; choreo by Catarina Lindgren; Sonja Hilmer

Fan Fest: https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/threads/88881
2nd Midwest Senior Sectionals
14Katie Shen
SP: Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack
FS: The Maleficent soundtrack; choreo by Yuri Min
2nd Pacific Senior Sectionals
15Audrey Shin
SP: Pina, "Lillies of the Valley," "All Names" by Hanreich Thom, Miyake Jun
FS: "Skyfall" by Adele; "Cuba Chase," "Komodo Dragon" by Zimmer Hans, Newman Thomas, Adel; choreo by Cindy Stuart, Pasquale Carmelengo

Fan Fest: https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/threads/89267
2 GP, 1 Challenger
16Lindsay Thorngren
SP: "Windmills of Your Mind" by Venus
FS : "Twilight Medley" by Alexandre Desplat, Carter Burwell, Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz, Ezio Bosso; choreo by Sandra Bezic, Shae-Lynn Bourne

Fan Fest: https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/threads/87941
6th 2023 U.S. Championships
17Lindsay Wang
SP: “Love in the Dark” by Adele
FS: ”Voila” by Barbara Pravi; choreo by Peter Kongkasem, Karen Kwan, Derrick Delmore
5th Pacific Senior Sectionals
18Wren Warne-Jacobsen
SP: “Golden Slumbers”/”Carry That Weight”/”The End” by The Beatles
FS MUSIC | ”Scheherazade, Op.35” by Rimsky-Korsa, Valery Gergiev & Kirov; choreo by Caryn Kadavy, Alex Johnson, Kate Charbonneau Shurts
1st Senior Midwest Sectionals
Ava Ziegler
SP: "Jazz Man" by Beth Hart, Juan Carlos
FS: "Liberation" by Christina Aguilera; "Bound to You" by Christina Aguilera, Samuel Dixon, Sia Furler; choreo by Anna Zadorozhniuk, Nikolai Morozov, Jamie Isley

Fan Fest: https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/threads/93906
1GP, 2 Challengers
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Dec 2, 2022
Is there a stream for this? I'm not sure that the link people shared for the mens seems to be showing this...


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I really wish the USFS would have kept to the schedule of the Senior ladies final being on Saturday night not a weeknight. Along with the Men this is the most anticipated event during Nationals and it's the first Senior final for some reason and it's not even on the weekend? They should have kept the Men's SP on a Friday evening not the Women's final now the Men are stuck doing their SP in the middle of the day. And why should the ladies have to skate in back to back nights but no one else does?
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