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Anastasia Shpilevaya & Grigory Smirnov

The Finn

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Feb 27, 2015
Anastasia Andreyevna SHPILEVAYA (Russian: Анастасия Андреевна Шпилевая), born 26 June 1999 in Odessa, Ukraine, and Grigory Sergeyevich SMIRNOV (Russian: Григорий Сергеевич Смирнов), born 1 April 1997, in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, are ice dancers who compete internationally for Russia. They are the 2016 Youth Olympic champions, the 2016/17 Russian junior national champions, and the 2019 Bavarian Open champions.

Anastasia formerly skated with Andrei Lebed, and Grigory with Julia Borisova and Valeria Neiman. They list their coaches as Alexander Svinin and Irina Zhuk.

They announced they had split in September 2020.

Biographical Information

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Anastasia's Instagram: (@ shpilevaya_nastya)
Grigory's Instagram: (@ grigorysmi)

Total172.93ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2019Senior
RD68.04ISU CS Finlandia Trophy 2019Senior
RD Technical38.12ISU CS Lombardia Trophy 2019Senior
RD Component30.01ISU CS Finlandia Trophy 2018Senior
FD105.89ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2019Senior
FD Technical59.93ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2019Senior
FD Component45.96ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2019Senior

ISU personal best scores (historical):

Total152.66ISU World Junior Championships 2017Junior
RD63.26ISU World Junior Championships 2017Junior
RD Technical33.29ISU World Junior Championships 2017Junior
RD Component29.97ISU World Junior Championships 2017Junior
FD90.62ISU JGP Yokohama 2016Junior
FD Technical44.30ISU JGP Yokohama 2016Junior
FD Component46.36ISU JGP Pokal der Blauen Schwerter 2016Junior


RD: Blues: Hopelessly Devoted to You (from "Grease") performed by Olivia Newton-John; Swing: You're the One I Want (from "Grease") performed by Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta; choreo by Alena Samarskaia
FD: "One Time" by Marian Hill (The Love Punch soundtrack); "Got It" by Marian Hill (The Love Punch soundtrack); "Travel To Beach" by Jean-Michel Bernard (The Love Punch soundtrack)[/TD]; choreo by Alena Samarskaia

RD: "Tango Amore" by Edvin Marton; choreo by Alena Samarskaia
FD: "Skeletons" by Drehz; "Thunder" by Imagine Dragons; "Neverland" by Drehz; choreo by Alena Samarskaia

SD: Cha Cha: "Kiss" performed by Tom Jones; Samba: "Baila Baila Conmigo" performed by Domino; choreo by Alena Samarskaia
FD: Love Story soundtrack; choreo by Alena Samarskaia

SD: Blues, Swing: "Ain't No Sunshine," "Air Mail Special" by Ella Fitzgerald, Club des Belugas remix; choreo by Alena Samarskaia
FD: "Che Ne Parliamo A Fa" by Renzo Arbore, Lino Banfi, "O Sole Mio" by Filippa Giordano, "Luna Mezzo Mare" by Patrizio Buanne; choreo by Alena Samarskaia

SD: "Somewhere My Love" by Frank Sinatra; choreo by Alena Samarskaia
FD: Les Parapluies de Cherbourg soundtrack by Natalie Dessay and Michel Legrand; choreo by Alena Samarskaia

SD: Samba, Rhumba: "Tongue Twister," Samba; choreo by Alexander Svinin and Irina Zhuk
FD: "Out of My Mind" by Raphael Gualazzi, "Bye, Bye Johnny" by Robert Wells; choreo by Alexander Svinin and Irina Zhuk

SD: "Rendezvous;" "Petit Fleur"
FD: "Unidos Para La Musica" (Flamenco Mix)

FD: "Follia D'Amore" by Raphael Gualazzi

Videos linked in results

Season 2019-2020
Senior2020 Russian Cup Final74.81 (1)112.87 (1)187.68 (1)
Senior2020 Russian Championships70.34 (8)105.33 (9)175.67 (9)
Senior2019 Rostelecom Cup67.04 (6)105.89 (5)172.93 (6)
Senior3rd stage Russian Cup74.32 (1)113.34 (1)187.66 (1)
Senior2019 CS Finlandia Trophy68.04 (6)97.77 (5)165.81 (6)
Senior2019 CS Lombardia Trophy67.04 (6)103.58 (5)170.62 (4)
Season 2018-2019
Senior29th Winter Universiade 201962.19 (6)104.63 (5)166.82 (5)
Senior2019 Bavarian Open65.00 (3)108.55 (1)173.55 (1)
SeniorRussian National Figure Skating Championships 201968.00 (7)105.23 (6)173.23 (6)
SeniorISU CS Inge Solar Memorial Alpen Trophy63.43 (4)95.22 (5)158.65 (4)
SeniorISU CS Finlandia Trophy64.33 (5)103.61 (5)167.94 (5)
Senior1st Stage Russian Cup67.08 (3)106.69 (3)173.77 (3)

Results (historical):
Videos linked in results

Season 2017-2018
JuniorISU JGP Latvia60.11 (1)79.72 (2)139.83 (2)
Season 2016-2017
JuniorISU Junior World Figure Skating Championships63.26 (4)89.40 (4)152.66 (4)
JuniorRussian Junior Figure Skating Championships67.71 (2)96.17 (1)163.88 (1)
JuniorISU Junior Grand Prix Final59.29 (6)81.35 (6)140.64 (6)
JuniorIce Star66.49 (1)93.43 (1)159.92 (1)
JuniorISU JGP Germany61.00 (2)87.02 (2)148.02 (2)
JuniorISU JGP Japan60.88(2)90.62 (2)151.50 (2)
Season 2015-2016
JuniorSpartakiade of the Youth of Russia 201665.86 (1)95.50 (1)161.36 (1)
JuniorISU Junior World Figure Skating Championships59.15 (4)87.40 (6)146.55 (5)
JuniorWinter Youth Olympic Games-86.48 (1)1P/6T
JuniorWinter Youth Olympic Games57.93 (1)83.95 (1)141.88 (1)
JuniorRussian Junior National Figure Skating Championships63.73 (2)92.23 (3)155.96 (3)
Junior5th Stage Russian Cup 201559.88 (2)90.88 (1)150.76 (1)
JuniorMemorial A.Yu. Belyaeva 2015--145.46 (1)
JuniorDenkova-Staviski Cup57.78 (1)90.33 (1)148.11 (1)
JuniorISU JGP Spain57.15 (4)83.24 (4)140.39 (4)
Season 2014-2015
JuniorSpartakiade of the Students of Russia 201561.14 (1)87.00 (1)148.14 (1)
JuniorRussian Junior Figure Skating Championships55.47 (4)84.39 (4)139.86 (5)
JuniorZone Championship (CFD, NWFD, SFD) 201553.20 (2)84.40 (1)137.60 (1)
Junior5th Stage Russian Cup 201457.34 (1)84.88 (1)142.22 (1)
JuniorVolvo Open Cup57.05 (1)82.96 (1)140.01 (1)
JuniorISU JGP Estonia43.96 (8)68.70 (9)111.66 (9)
JuniorISU JGP France47.94 (3)73.48 (4)121.42 (3)
Season 2013-2014
JuniorChampionships of Russia (Elder Age) 2014--128.32 (1)
JuniorChampionships of Moscow (Elder Age) 201455.12 (1)73.94 (1)129.06 (1)
JuniorJunior Championships of Russia 2014--132.48 (7)
Junior5th Stage Russian Cup 2013--------119.66 (3)
Junior4th Stage Russian Cup 2013--133.28 (3)
JuniorN.A. Panin Memorial 201347.93 (1)70.32 (4)118.25 (2)
Season 2012-2013
JuniorSpartakiade of the Students of Russia 2013--117.01 (4)
JuniorFinal of the Russian Cup 2013--105.43 (8)
JuniorZone Championship (Ural Federal District, Volga Federal District) 201345.77 (4)68.12 (3)113.89 (3)
JuniorChampionships of Saint-Petersburg 201343.89 (2)59.03 (3)102.92 (2)
JuniorN. A. Panin Memorial 201251.09 (2)71.21 (2)122.30 (2)
Junior5th Stage Russian Cup 2012--110.96 5)
JuniorPavel Roman Memorial 201250.81 (3)71.82 (2)122.63 (2)
JuniorIce Challenge 201232.13 (5)56.69 (5)88.82 (5)
Junior2nd Stage Russian Cup 2012--99.37 (6)

Articles and Interviews

Original Post by The Finn from January 2016:​

This ice dance team looks very promising. Shpilevaya/Smirnov didn't do that great at their JGP event, but it really looks like they might be the the 3rd russian team that will go to the Junior Worlds. They are also eligible for the Youth Olympics.

Recent videos.

Junior Nationals SD.

5th Russian Cup
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The Finn

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Feb 27, 2015
This team is 2nd after the SD at the Russian Junior Nationals.

Anastasia Shpilevaya - Grigory Smirnov in second place after the short dance at the championship of Russia in Chelyabinsk. For skaters is very important because of the absurdity of injury partner pupils Irina Zhuk and Alexander Pork had to miss the beginning of the season.

- We are very pleased with the rental. It seems to me that this is one of our best rentals in the season. All that could at this point, we're done. We will try to continue, - said Grigory Smirnov.

- By the start we came quite easily. We try not to worry too much, since excessive excitement and impact can only knock down. Preparing for the championship of Russia hard, we practiced a lot, clean programs. Work and work - commented Anastasia Shpilevaya.

- Compared with the original version of a short dance changed by 40-50 percent. And the elements, and ligaments, in alignment ... So for the time after the Cup of Russia is very much rolled the program - added partner.

- In the free dance will try to skate clean, show their emotions, all to please and to bring their story to the audience - said the skater.


Match Penalty
Dec 24, 2015
first time I've seen them, never even noticed them in the JGP
are they just in a recent new partnership ?
Smirnov has great personality on the ice, its not all about the lady

they have very smooth and fluid skating especially in the step sequences
very few russian ice dance nowadays have good fluidity and technical at the same time
probably the closest amongst the juniors are Loboda / Drozd, but I like this team as well


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Oct 25, 2014
They have been together since, ever, I guess? But they competed last year at JGP already. This year they had the bad luck of getting a difficult GP so they ended up swaped with Skoptcova and Aleshin that had a better chance of making the GPF.


Record Breaker
Oct 18, 2014
She was injured in the summer so they missed the test skate and she wasn't completely fit during the JGP season.

The Finn

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Feb 27, 2015
Shpilevaya & Smirnov are 1st after SD at the Youth Olympics but only by 0.18 point. They did score their SB by half a point or so but I kind of expected bigger score and bigger lead.

The Finn

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Feb 27, 2015
Congrats to the Youth Olympic Champions!!

I am looking forward to see how they will progress in the future.


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Jun 27, 2012
They are amazing for me. I just discovered them in YOG!!! :reye:
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