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Best Elements World Championships 2015


Feb 15, 2008
So the WCh is over, the medals have been awarded.
But I thoghout it would be fun to acknowledge skaters/coaches/teams for a particular element/achievement that was the best in the business (something like a tiny gold medal :)).

The categories (please feel free to add more or edit):
Best 3A
Best Quad
Best spin
Best choreo

Best 3A ( :laugh:)
Best combo
Best spin
Best choreo

Ladies and men:
Best step sequence

Best lift
Best twizzles
Best edges
Best paso (in terms of the character and mood)

Best lift
Best throw
Best twist
Best choreo

All categories:
Best speed/flow
Best performance (most expressive, most touching etc)
Best costume (of course, we cannot do without it :D)
Biggest surprise

I haven't watched all the performances yet, so I do not have my votes, but bring it on, folks! :)
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Jan 1, 2013
Best men's 3A had to be that beautifully perfect one Josh delivered on the opening pass of his FS.

When I saw the thread title my mind jumped to costume details; my immediate thought was that Jason should always wear dark grey velvet pants from now on. :eek::


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Dec 25, 2012
Best Spin: Michael Christian Martinez -Of course, Jason has been best all year, but at this particular Competition, Michael was just amazing in his spins. Beilman, donut, etc.
Best 3A: Han Yan (when he doesn't crash and burn, it's the BEST) I think part of the thrill is the question of whether or not he'll land it. It's so huge and has such power. Yuzu also has a wonderful 3A and gets most creative, difficult and and consistent 3A I think.
Best Quad: Javi! Although, when Kovtun was not popping, his quads this WC were pretty amazing. I found even his entrance posture was not so off-putting because he landed his quad (1 in the short, 1 in the long) with such grace.
Best Choreo: Could go to so many guys. There are a lot of great artists out there. I will go with Kozuka because of the way it makes me feel (like my heart is breaking), also Joshua LP, Brezina SP, Ten LP, Fernandez SP, Misha SP LP...etc.
Best Step Sequence: Yuzu SP but must also mention Javi SP

you forgot Best 3A for ladies! Of course, Elizaveta
Best spin: I'm partial to Satoko's spins

Best performers: Tied between Misha and Jason
Best costume: for me, Brezina, but special mention to Denis LP.
Surprise: Satoko (silver was a far-off dream and then...)


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Feb 9, 2014
Best 3A: Han Yan, of course... in both his programs!
Best Quad: Javi's 4S in SP
Best spin: MCM's final FS spin (the one with Biellman)... but I really liked Farris's spins as well, esp. the one where he does a sitting Y thing
Best choreo: Kozuka (this is really a season-long thing, not really particular to Worlds :/)

Best 3A ( :laugh:) : ahhhh, too difficult to choose! I guess maybe Liza's...
Best combo: eh, I don't really remember specific jumps well... I quite liked Kanako's 3T-3T in SP with the lovely delayed rotation
Best spin: if only Yulia were here! Satoko's two-direction combo spin
Best choreo: Satoko's FS

Ladies and men:
Best step sequence: Kozuka (why did he get Level 2 :( )

Best lift: I suppose I quite like P/C's first FS lift because it's timed so nicely to the music... but there are a lot of nice lifts!
Best twizzles: SHIBS
Best edges: ahh I don't know... maybe I'll just say Ruslena since I'm biased...
Best paso (in terms of the character and mood): to be honest I'm so sick of paso I don't want to relive them in my head to pick :laugh:

Best lift: ehh... I don't really like pairs' lifts to be honest... none of them? :|
Best throw: Sui/Han's SP! Okay fine, it wasn't textbook perfect, but the way she saved it! And Zhao's great reaction :)
Best twist: P/Z FS
Best choreo: Sui/Han's SP... more like, best atmosphere!

All categories:
Best speed/flow: Kozuka always has nice flow... :(
Best performance (most expressive, most touching etc): the ones I found personally most touching were Hanyu's because of the terrible season he's had health-wise :cry:
Best costume (of course, we cannot do without it :D): Zijun Li's gala costume... so pretty :love:
Biggest surprise: P/C winning! Super unexpected.
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Feb 17, 2010
Best 3A - Hanyu
Best Quad - Fernandez 4T LP/4S SP
Best spin - Farris SP Combo spin
Best choreo - Ten LP

Best 3A - lol Liza
Best combo - Gracie LP also Li's 3F+3T
Best spin - Miyahara SP layback
Best choreo - hmmm maybe Murakami's SP?

Ladies and men:
Best step sequence - Farris LP also SP

Best lift - Chock/Bates opening lift
Best twizzles - Shibs!
Best edges - Papadakis/Cizeron
Best paso (in terms of the character and mood) - Weaver/Poje

Best lift - Duhamel/Radford closing lift? Not the best, but most effective
Best throw - Pang/Tong 3S LP
Best twist - Sui/Han and Scimeca/Knerim
Best choreo - Kavaguti/Smirnov LP

All categories:
Best speed/flow - Pang/Tong
Best performance (most expressive, most touching etc) - Papadakis/Cizeron FD also Pang/Tong SP
Best costume (of course, we cannot do without it :D) - Farris LP, most improved is Jason's LP
Biggest surprise - Miyahara silver medal, Gold's comeback in the free


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Nov 8, 2014
I've only watched men's right now so that's all I'm going to for now.
Best 3A: Hanyu
Best Spins: Hanyu, Jason Brown
Best Chor: Nam, Hanyu
Best Quad: Javier


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Jul 9, 2014
Jason Brown's Split Falling Leaf or Grand Jete, if you're a dancer. Does anyone know why it's called a falling leaf in skating and not a Grand Jete?


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Apr 16, 2014
Best 3A - Yuzuru Hanyu
Best Quad - Javier Fernandez
Best spin - Joshua or Jason
Best choreo - Jason's LP

Best 3A - Liza
Best combo - Gracie's LP 3Lz-3T
Best spin - Zijun's layback
Best choreo - Ashley's LP

Ladies and men:
Best step sequence - Denis Ten (LP) or Alaine Chartrand (SP)

Best twizzles - Shibs or Stepanova/Bukin
Best paso (in terms of the character and mood) - Ilinykh/Zhiganshin

Best lift - Peng/Zhang (LP)
Best throw - Pang/Tong's throw 3S in the LP (straight +3s from the judges) or Sui/Han's throw 3F in the SP (how did she save that??)
Best twist - Peng/Zhang's quad twist
Best choreo - Sui/Han's SP

All categories:
Best speed/flow - Yuzuru
Best performance (most expressive, most touching etc) - Pang/Tong's LP
Best costume (of course, we cannot do without it :D) - Zijun Li (SP)
Biggest surprise - Javier winning, Radionova/Wagner/Pogorilaya all dropping behind Miyahara


Final Flight
Dec 31, 2009
Best 3A - Hanyu
Best Quad - Fernandez
Best spin - Jason Brown
Best choreo - Jason Brown