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Christina Carreira & Anthony Ponomarenko


Final Flight
Jun 6, 2018
Anthony and Christina were interviewed by Pj Kwong yesterday, key points:

- Christina broke her foot during quarantine while running, so her return to the ice has been slower than expected. Back to full skating capabilities now though.
- They anticipate that it will take 3 months to get back to competition fitness.
- Keeping the RD from last season. Creating a new FD but will decide on whether to use it or not depending on what the season looks like. If there is a more full season it will get used, otherwise they will keep it for next season.

There's probably more, but those are the main details I can remember. It was a nice interview, and as always they come across really smiley and like good friends.


On the Ice
Dec 7, 2017
Per Christina, she and Anthony will be leaving Igor for parts unknown.

My guess would be Montreal? Christina is from there originally so it would make sense but that would mean Gadbois would have the top 4 US teams, although I’m guessing H/D and C/B might retire after the Olympics next year. I wonder how LaLa would feel about this as C/P are likely to be their rivals in the future, so would be a competitive training environment; but lots of teams seem to thrive on that.


Record Breaker
Nov 30, 2016
Maybe she got the citizenship and they can move on to Montreal. Can Marina Zueva's group be an option for them?
I believe she only recently got her green card. Alex Krasnozhon got his a bit before her IIRC, and he's stated that he won't get citizenship by the 2022 Olympics.


On the Ice
Dec 7, 2017
They can’t leave the US as long as Christina needs to get citizenship.
Of course, forgot about the whole citizenship issue. Hmm...where else could they go? Zueva I suppose...I wonder if they could split their time between Montreal and the US which would allow Christina to keep her residency the way Tim Koleto has done with Japan? At least Montreal/US are much closer!


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Jan 16, 2010
I hope they don't go to Gadbois or at least they will choose other coregraphers...
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May 25, 2014
Maybe she got the citizenship and they can move on to Montreal. Can Marina Zueva's group be an option for them?
I wondered also if they are heading to Marina's team. I'm thinking either there or Patti Gottwein / Ben Agosto, where Manta / Johnson trained. Those were the two I've thought of if they're staying in the U.S.

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May 8, 2021
Interview with Christina and Anthony.

We had the chance to interview Christina Carreira & Anthony Ponomarenko on their move to IAM to train under Scott Moir in London.



We're interviewing Marjorie Lajoie & Tiffany Zagorski next.

Some highlights from our interview:

Your coaching switch to Ice Academy of Montreal’s extension skating school in Ontario to train under Scott Moir was the biggest thing in ice dance this spring so we are dying to know more about it.

In the last two years of their competitive career, Tessa and Scott talked a lot in interviews about how they took full ownership of their career and ran the show in all aspects of their skating.

QUESTION: In what ways has the move allowed you to claim ownership of your career?

Christina: Every decision we make is more of a team effort. It's not as much the coach telling us what to do or us saying what we want. It's really a collaborative effort and I think it's because we're working with such amazing people I think good things are going to come out of it.

Anthony: And I think taking ownership of our career, we really wanted to make this year collaborative with our new coaching stuff and wanted to put our print on our programs. We're given the opportunity to be ourselves more than ever before.

QUESTION: Walk us through how the differences between training in London compared to how your day-to-day training was in Novi, Michigan and just generally how this switch has been for you both.

Christina: In London our day is very structured, our schedule is made for us. There's a science behind everything we do it's not just working to work, which I feel is more logical and beneficial. So that's been the biggest change honestly, it's really night and day.

Anthony: Like every 15 minutes we know exactly what to do and work on. We're given a task at hand and we work very hard on it to complete it ever single day. I think that's the biggest difference from Novi and London is that structure and everything is done for us in terms of what we need to do.

Ceci: As an athlete I crave structure in every part of my life, it's really underestimated how much structure impacts training and preparation. That specific 15 minute chunk really helps you move on and progress.

Anthony: Even in the 15 minute increment Scott writes in capitals DO THIS, to really prove a point on what we have to work on.

QUESTION: What areas of your skating were you most excited to improve over the last couple of months with Scott and the extended IAM team?

Christina: Well their skating technique is pretty different. They have more of a British technique compared to the Russian technique that we are used to. We're still learning obviously they are just so fun to work with and they are such good coaches. We love working with them.

Anthony: We've really only had one style of the past 8-9 years and looking at skating in a different point of view is fun to expand on what we already know.

Ceci: Would you say your style still remains more Russian but you are implementing the British style and find a mesh of both Russian-British?

Christina: Our base is never going to go away so it's very much a mesh of the two.