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GPF Starting Orders/Results (combined with Jr.)


Mar 27, 2010
That means that Rachael qualified before anyone else since her two silvers were completed before anyone else's were completed. Is that correct?

Amodio skates first in the Men's. Did he complete his qualification before anyone else?

No, it's like the GPseries where SP starting order starts with the lowest rank and ends with highest, except here the lowest/last qualifier skates first and the highest qualifier skates last.
Jul 11, 2003
For the discussion.

The first skater has to assume everyone will skate their best so the first skater should 'not hold back'. That's the Kwan Rule.
The last skater has to blot out all the Roar of the Crowd before him. That's the Buttle Rule.
The Middle Skaters should just ride the waves and hope for a good one.