Kamila Valieva


Moonbear power 🐻
Record Breaker
Jul 3, 2018
Zhenya was asked about Kamila during her new interview

"OC" What do you think about Kamila Valieva, who has been showing amazing results for the second year now? And many people think that she has very good chances to perform well at the next Games.

EM: I really like the way Kamila skates. I like her jumps, especially when she does a quadruple toe loop with a "rippon" (performs a jump with her arms raised up ⁠ - approx. OS). It looks just amazing, even better than without Rippon. She is also very cute. She is so tiny and smiles all the time when we talk. I really like her, and I hope that she will perform well at the Olympic Games, but first, she will pass the selection. I'm rooting for her, she deserves it. You cannot imagine how much she works."


On the Ice
Dec 26, 2018
yeah Kamila is amazing ❤️ Her role models are Yulia and Alina. Yulia for her spins and Alina for her hard work. I hope she will shine again in an international stage. Like Zhenia said, she has to be selected first for the olympics and to stay healthy but we are all rooting for her. Go girl 💪


Final Flight
Oct 14, 2020