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Dec 21, 2011
Anyone know of any live stream links that will work for CoR? The first one I'd try would be, but I'm not sure if that will work.

I'm assuming that Ice Network will be providing coverage to those with a season pass.

British Eurosport 2 will be showing some events live with 3 hours of skating on Friday from 3-6 pm GMT.

ice coverage

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Feb 27, 2012
I realize that the question is about live streaming, but in case it helps in figuring out the answer, Cup of Russia will be broadcast on the TV channel Russia 2.


ISU competition schedule 

November 9
- 15:00 ladies, short program
- 16:40 pairs, short program
- 19:00 men, short program
- 20:40 short dance

November 10
- 14:00 ladies, free skating
- 15:50 pairs, free skating
- 17:30 men, free skating
- 19:30 free dance

And according to Alena Leonova's website:

November 11
- 14:00 – 14:20 victory ceremony
- 14:35 – 15:30 exhibition gala​

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Sep 10, 2009
Cup of Russia will be broadcast on the TV channel Russia 2.
This channel will broadcast only on 10th LIVE from 17:30 Moscow time, Men's FS and FD. There are a lot of links in the internet to stream it online, free, browse Rossiya-2 or better Россия-2. Here are just some of them:

The rest of stuff will be broadcast on the channel Sport LIVE:

Pay channel: First three days trail is free, available upon registration.
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Oct 25, 2012
The rest of stuff will be broadcast on the channel Sport LIVE:

Thanks for editing your post to include the link for Sport on , let`s talk. After the major problems I was having with the stream I was watching Sport on today, I think I will be using your link tomorrow! I just tried it out and the picture quality is super!

I just wish I had re-visited this thread in between the competitions (or when my picture was frozen!), instead of spending the time writing about the problems I was having with the stream I was using!

I know it's not really relevant now, but since I went to the bother of writing about it, I'll include my message about my experiences from today below.


I live in Northern Ireland. So, we get British Eurosport, which doesn't always show the same as International Eurosport. Since analogue satellite was switched off in May, you can't get International Eurosport with the English soundtrack free-to-air on the TV any more. You can only get International with the German soundtrack free-to-air. So, whenever British Eurosport is not showing the skating live, but International Eurosport is, I would go onto to watch International.

International Eurosport 2 were supposed to be showing the Ladies Short live, but the live programme on before it (bowling, of all things!) over-ran, and the skating got relegated down to just highlights. So, I headed over to instead to watch the Russian coverage from Sport. This is what I normally do when neither version of Eurosport is showing the skating, which has been happening a lot lately, particularly with the Short Programmes. Grrrrr!!!!

When you clicked into the skating on , it came up with 2 options. The first was the Russian coverage from Sport. The second was labelled as being in English, so I thought "aha! I won't have to bother with!" But, the eejit who put the link up on used a link for British Eurosport 2 (which was only showing the Men's Short live due to live MotoGP Free Practice), as opposed to a link for International Eurosport 2 (which was showing the Ladies and Men's live, with delayed full coverage of the Pairs).

For the first 20 minutes or so of the Ladies Short, the audio was coming through fine, but the picture was frozen. It was only when Caroline Zhang was getting her results that the picture came back.

The picture quality wasn't great during the Ladies Short, but given that Adelina was wearing the same dress she wore for her Skate America, that was perhaps a good thing…! ;) :biggrin:

There were no more problems until half-way through Alena Leonova's routine, when the picture froze again. By then, the bowling was over, and Eurosport was showing highlights of the Ladies Short. Kiira Korpi was just starting her routine on Eurosport, so I just watched on from there.

The picture was back to normal on the Russian coverage by the time the Pairs came on. But, it froze again just as Caydee and John were about to get their scores. It didn't come back until the highlights package just after Paige and Rudi's routine.

There were no more problems for the rest of the Pairs coverage. And I was so grateful to be able to watch the Men's Short on the TV on British Eurosport 2!

I decided not to even try watching a stream of the Short Dance. Like, when it was not going to be in English anyway, I thought I may as well just wait until somebody uploads a better quality version to YouTube.

So, while streaming is good for when the TV channels are not showing the entire competition, if there was a choice, I would watch the TV every time!

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