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2023-24 Challenger Series live streams: expensive year


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Jan 3, 2007
So true, just look at my kittens Minsol Kwon and Lucrezia Beccari/Matteo Guarise. One program to Cats and they are forever in my heart. :laugh:

But seriously, that's a great point you made and a scenario I could definitely see happening.
:hijacked: @CrazyKittenLady here is another for your kitty collection
Kristi Yamaguchi /Rudy Galindo 1987 Junior Worlds Exhibition, 3rd place
Cats Medley - this is an alltime favorite of mine
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Jul 21, 2018
According to German figure skating website Eiskunstlaufblog's calculation the total amount needed to access all paid live streams for Challenger and Senior B events this season summed up to 326.49 Euros. However, I noticed some competitions were missing from this list, such as Volvo Open Cup as well as various National Championships. So the total for all competitions would be even higher.
These are exclusively competitions with German participation.

Karl-Heinz from skatingblog