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Short Dance

Jul 11, 2003
I only caught the last threee, trying to wake up and make coffee to keep me up.

Crowne/Poirriet much surprised at their placement. I would say he has to connect more with her. She tries to connect with him but he doesn't pick it up. This can easily be worked on.

Pechalat/Borzat. not surprized at placement. I would say they should cut down a little on the attitude they show..

Davis/White. also not surprized at placement. I've seen them do better.

I didn't see Hoffmann/Zavosin and was shocked at the placement. But he may have improved since he was at one time Americanl where he so concentrated on technique that he forgets he has a partner, and there is no dance.

As a competition, I was not enamoured with those Waltzes.


On the Ice
Dec 20, 2007
shocked about Nora and Max and Vanessa and Paul.

Good shock for H/Z. I'm so happy for them...sad for C/P what happened?


Record Breaker
Nov 22, 2009
Quick thoughts from seeing the competition live--just impressions, as I'm not an expert on dance scoring specifics:

D/W and P/B were clearly way above the rest in quality and program difficulty. There is something very "flat" about D/W's program--I'm not sure quite how to express it, but it could stem from the music choices. Not my cup of tea, I prefer P/B's short dance, which is more emotionally engaging. In real time, I thought that P/B might even end up ahead of D/W. Charlie had a huge fan club in the crowd--I think it was both the Chinese ladies AND the Japanese ladies. :laugh:

I agree with H/Z being placed in third today--they have improved since I saw them at CoC though can be a little sloppy at times. Fortunately for them, the other 3 teams had their own issues of imperfection as well today. This short dance is pleasant but ultimately, forgettable.

I also agree with W/P in fourth. Program was performed very controlled and measured, but also easy and smooth. The At Last part is a winner, but I think the Cheek to Cheek part was not the greatest of choices. I like her "little black dress." Competent but no fire.

C/P Fallin' program just isn't the right vehicle for this short dance, it gets pretty boring with no variation in music, and something about putting those twizzles just before the abrupt ending is just :scratch: They performed decently but it's just a forgettable program also. They don't seem to connect very well.

B/S--if they had executed as they are capable of, they probably would have been in 3rd place by a comfortable cushion. He really screwed up and fell out of their twizzles. In fact, he just looked "off" and nearly out of control for much of this program. Also looked like he misjudged distance and kind of crashed into her near the program end. Not their best by a longshot, and I really dislike this Delilah music for a skating program.

Not the greatest of fields, and those top couples who are missing in action due to surgery, injury, and/or change in training situations....were really sorely missed.


Final Flight
Sep 6, 2006
C/P falling program's doesn't suit the golden waltz at all......timing (emphasis?)

P/B - did he hit the boards?

D/W - a bit neutral.


Record Breaker
Jun 27, 2003
Universal Sports is broadcasting the short dance on tv right now.


Record Breaker
Oct 31, 2006
Crone + Poirier were not as deep into their knees and holding out their positions like they do when they are not nervous. They appeared to be rushing to get the program over. Perhaps that is the reason for some loss in levels. The FD is where they shine; hopefully, they have a beautiful skate tomorrow and really do what they are capable of. :love:


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
For those trying to make sense of the scores, the heart of this dance and its results was the Golden Waltz. H&Z scored third because they got decent levels on the Golden Waltz. And they picked a traditional waltz. C/P did not do great on the GW. And their music is not a good choice, IMO.

The interesting thing about D/W's SD was that starting from subpar levels for the GW, they achieved both level 4's here, with a tech panel that was very picky indeed. The flatness in the total performance was due, I think to overconcentration on the G/W levels. The program is choreographed so the GW is the highlight of the program, including musically. The sight of the audience clapping along to a CD was :clap: funny. Who thought that would ever happen?

I loved the waltz quality of the midline not-touching sequence. It's hard to get 2 people lilting together when they aren't touching!

Charlie had a slight problem in the 2nd twizzle. Having to change the entrance to their twizzles to a jump to get the level has thrown him off just a bit all season, but much better effort here than at Skate America.

By the way, if you can get the Universal Sports coverage for dance, do so! Tanith Belbin and Terry Gannon make a great team for commenting on dance. Certainly, if I were not getting it live, I'd pay for it for Worlds. They were kind to all the teams, and pointed out both their strong and weak points. Excellent!

P&B's program is still growing, too, since they changed to Dr. Zhivago from Amelie rather late in the day, after their first GP. I expect it to grow more by Europeans.

IMO, C&P and B&S set themselves up for trouble by bad music picks for the Golden Waltz. The GW is a light, fluffy effervescent Viennese Waltz. The steps themselves call for it. Consequently unless perfect, perfect, perfect, teams not doing the GW to a traditional waltz definitely suffer.

I really like W&P's program, but they need more speed, and to not make mistakes.