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2024 European Championships Rhythm Dance


Final Flight
Dec 7, 2017
Ach, such a good start and then a mistake at the end of the twizzles.

And another mistake on the Midline Step Sequence.

Rest of it was brilliant.

I know it was only a couple of mistakes, but this is so strange. They are usually faultless. Did the pressure get to them a bit?

But, Chris can't praise them enough. He is REALLY impressed.

I was the same the first time I saw them. And I haven't stopped being impressed since!

Asaf can't stop smiling. Sofía looks more serious. But, then again, she always has taken things very seriously.

Sofía is not happy at all with the scores. Asaf is disappointed too, but is taking it better.

It's understandable. The only time they have scored lower in the SP this season was at their season debut at the Ondrej Nepela Memorial.

They still go into the lead by 3.08 points. So, it's not a disaster.

:cheer: WELL DONE SOFÍA AND ASAF!!! :cheer:

I wonder if the Spanish Fed regrets their decision of sending them over Smart/Dieck…